Palmtree Panic

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Palmtree Panic
Palmtree Panic
First level, Sonic CD
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: tropical island
Boss: EGG-HVC-001
Maximum rings, Act 1: 115 + 60 (Present),
148 + 100 (Past), 150 + 100 (Future)
Maximum rings, Act 2: 196 + 40 (Present),
200 + 30 (Past), 207 + 20 (Future)
Maximum rings, Act 3: 68 + 30
Non-English names:
Collision Chaos

Palmtree Panic is the first round in Sonic CD. Like most other Sonic games, this round follows the tropical island theme. Many palm trees are around, along with small star-shaped plants and fallen logs. Peaceful waterfalls plunge into an idyllic blue lake in the background. This round is an easy one to start the game off.

The round features many loops and vertical ramps. The small, donut-esque platforms act differently based on time zone: in the present, they will not appear until you step on them; in the past, they are always visible; in the future, they fall out as soon as you land on them.

There are bizarre + shaped boosters too, just to give Sonic some gratuitous pseudo-3D to run through. These appear only in the past of Zone 1.


Loop the loops, twist through corkscrew turns, find footing on hidden platforms, and spin the wheels to blast up vertical ramps. This Round promises plenty of action for a fleet-footed hedgehog! Hope you remembered to bring your mosquito repellent, 'cuz some of these enemies take a big bite!

Sonic CD US Manual, p. 12

Difference between Time Zones

The scenery is very cheerful in the present, apart from the occasional badnik, of course. Green plants, large trees, flowers, everything is normal. A perfect place for a young, energetic hedgehog to begin an adventure.
Back in time, the world was much different. The level's past resembles a prehistoric era, including large leafed trees and such. Remember to destroy the robotizer here, or...
Bad Future
...this will happen. The entire land is filled with dead grass, what plants remain are half-robotic, the badniks are ill-maintained, and the water in the background is filled to the brim with toxic waste.
Good Future
Luckily, you can stop this from happening by defeating Eggman's schemes in the past. The world is much different now; although machinery is still around, it is helping the environment rather than hurting it.



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