Desert Dazzle

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Desert Dazzle
Scrapped level, Sonic the Hedgehog CD (2011)
Level theme: desert/western

For the remake of Sonic CD released in 2011, engine creator and asset porter Christian "The Taxman" Whitehead had developed a new Zone called Desert Dazzle, which was inspired by the scrapped Sonic 2 level Dust Hill Zone, finishing artwork and level layout, before cancelling it and removing it from the final game. Information on the graphics for the level along with a test map can be found at [1].

A mock-up image of Desert Dazzle can be found by entering a special code on the music player/sound test screen: Simply enter PCM:32 and DA:8. This code will also enable the player to choose Tails when choosing a Zone from the Stage Select menu.

The level was an original creation based on the creator's own idea.[2] The Taxman had created an early demo track for the level, but multiple regional soundtracks hadn't been taken into account yet. The demo track ignored the multiple regional soundtracks, so new music would have to have been created for each region.[3]

In Sonic Mania, a new zone called Mirage Saloon Zone takes inspiration from Desert Dazzle and re-uses some of its graphics.

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