Metallic Madness

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Metallic Madness
Metallic Madness
Seventh level, Sonic CD
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: industrial
Boss: Robotnik (Metallic Madness boss)
Maximum rings, Act 1: 151 + 90 (Present),
151 + 110 (Past), 151 + 80 (Future)
Maximum rings, Act 2: 157 + 140 (Present),
156 + 130 (Past), 156 + 140 (Future)
Maximum rings, Act 3: 90 + 10
Non-English names:
Stardust Speedway
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For the Sonic Mania version of this stage, see Metallic Madness Zone (Sonic Mania). For the similarly-named Sonic Heroes boss, see Metal Madness.

Metallic Madness is the seventh and final round of Sonic CD. It is an enormous factory, seeming to go on for miles. Badniks with razor blades and swinging spike balls attempt to slow down your progress — permanently. Can you get to Eggman quickly enough and defeat him once and for all?

This is the only Sonic level in existence that has a Shrink-Ray gimmick, where Sonic must be miniturized to squeeze through a small maze in Zone 2.


Evil Dr. Robotnik has created a nightmare of pumping pistons, walls of spikes and blade-wielding badniks out to slice and dice you. It'll take all your speed and skill to get through this stage. But once you do, it's time for the final showdown! The future is up to you....

Sonic CD US Manual, p. 14

Difference between Time Zones

A dark and strange place makes the perfect habitat for everyone's least favorite Doctor. Many traps are present and Sonic will need to give it his all here.
Back in the day, the factory is still under construction, and the blue skies can be seen in the upper parts of the level. Traffic cones litter the area, along with caution signs and other things one would find at a construction site. Take out the machine here, before...
Bad Future
...this happens. Robotnik is careless, as evidenced by letting his base become dark and corroded. Rusted structures with dim lighting are littered with outdated traps. Coupled with the onslaught of badniks, this is one future you don't want to come true.
Good Future
This can be avoided however. In this bright future, the clear skies let light shine in upon the round, and even plants can be seen growing about. With Robotnik's corruption gone from Little Planet, the future is bright for all its animal inhabitants!


  • Mecha-Bu - Kabutomushi beetle bots with razor wheel schnozzes
  • Poh-Bee - Chunky bee bots that fly through the air and swings dual maces
  • Dango - A rolling pill bug badnik
  • Scarab - A crawling badnik that can catch Sonic in its rear claws
  • Bigbom - A giant, kamikaze bomb-bot
  • Hotaru - Stardust Speedway's lightbulb-bugs return with lasers just before part of the boss


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