Metallic Madness Zone (Sonic Mania)

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Metallic Madness Zone
  • Act 1
  • Act 2
Metallic Madness Zone
Eleventh level, Sonic Mania
Number of Acts: 2
Level theme: industrial
Sub-boss: Egg Pistons Mk. II
Boss: Gachapandora
Lava Reef Zone | Titanic Monarch Zone

Metallic Madness Zone is the eleventh zone in Sonic Mania, which is based on Metallic Madness from Sonic the Hedgehog CD. Unlike the earlier Stardust Speedway Zone, both acts take place in the Present.


Act 1 has elements from the Past version of the zone as construction work is nearing completion, though the work cranes can still be seen outside through the holes in the dome, and the music is a remix of the Past theme. A new element exclusive to this act is that the seesaws now catapult the player into a second layer of level geometry in the background, which the player can then explore, returning to the foreground by using another seesaw. This is much like in Sky Babylon from Sonic Rush Adventure.

Act 2 goes deeper within the mechanical base, being based on the original Act 2 while also sporting the background from the Bad Future of Act 3. Alongside the return of some features of Act 2 such as the rotating wheels and the iron curtain puzzles, the shrink ray gimmick also returns, this time with an increased focus, as there are now several places where you must shrink down to proceed through tiny passages and transport tunnels. The main boss is also fought while tiny.

In Encore Mode, the foreground has a brown palette across both Acts, which is reminiscent of the original zone's Bad Future.


References and Easter eggs

Reference Appears in Source Game Source Level
Level geometry in the background that the player can go to. Act 1 Sonic Rush Adventure Sky Babylon
Final Zone Boss's appearance as a mini-boss. Act 1 Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) Final Zone
The main boss machine's design based on the Botanic Base Boss . Act 2 Chaotix Botanic Base
Miniature versions of Marble Zone boss during the fight against the main boss. Act 2 Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) Marble Zone
Miniature versions of Drill Eggman during the fight against the main boss. Act 2 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit) Emerald Hill Zone
The miniature robotic versions of Amy Rose, chasing the player the same way as the original Amy, during the fight against the main boss. Act 2 Sonic the Hedgehog CD
The Amy robots having design elements based off the Tails Doll. Act 2 Sonic R
Tails jumping from the lightning strikes during the Zone transition, due to his fear of thunder (as of v1.04). Act 2 Sonic Jam/Sonic the Hedgehog (anime) Tails' bio



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