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Game: Sonic Mania
Level: Lava Reef Zone (mini-boss)
Hits to defeat: 9

Drillerdroid is the tenth mini-boss fought in Sonic Mania, encountered at the end of Lava Reef Zone Act 1. It is a heavily-armoured version of the drilling machine encountered in this Zone, as well as in the original version of this Zone from Sonic & Knuckles.


The boss makes its entrance by attempting to land in the player's co-ordinates. Upon landing, it will drill into the terrain, causing rocks and harmful stalactites to rain from the ceiling that the player must avoid. The machine will end up drilling too far and increase the volcano's pressure, causing lava to erupt from where it's drilling and damaging its armour. The boss will then jump in the air to repeat its attack.

The armour is impenetrable to the player's attacks, so the player must goad the machine into causing as many eruptions as possible to destroy the armour. After being damaged by lava a second time, the central body's armour will be destroyed, exposing the boss's weak point in that area, and a third eruption will fully destroy the armour on its drills, allowing the player to go to town on it.

If the boss lands in a place it has already drilled in, it will instead jump up and down and cause a giant spike ball to fall onto the arena. If that ball lands where the machine has already drilled, it will destroy the wooden floor, revealing the lava below it and reducing how much safe ground the player has. The boss will not land anywhere where there is no safe footing. A total of nine hits from both the lava and the player will destroy the machine and make the lava cool.

Early Version

There is an earlier version of the boss that exists in the game data and is designed for an earlier level layout for Lava Reef Zone Act 1. This version differs in that the drills are not plated in armour and do not have an active hitbox. When the boss drops in, it will drill in its position and cause an eruption that will not damage its armour, but will cause it to open to allow its systems to cool, exposing its weak point. It will then make the rock platforms collapse, causing the player to drop downwards.

The player will then have to lure the boss into landing in the approximate center of the lava pools to cause another eruption and expose its weak point. If it misses, it'll continuously drill on the spot before attempting to jump on the player again. The player must also watch out for the constant stream of fireballs that jump out of the pools. It takes six hits to defeat this version of the boss.


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