Green Hill Zone (Sonic Mania)

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Green Hill Zone (Sonic Mania)
Level, Sonic Mania
Number of Acts: 2
Level theme: tropical island
Secondary level theme: underground/cave
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Green Hill is a level in Sonic Mania that's based on Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Like its original version, Green Hill Zone is a tropical paradise of palm trees with mountains and a beautiful lake with bright blue waters in the background. In its new foreground, it carries beyond the original vibrant flowers, a series of bridges in the style of Emerald Hill Zone. Highlight for the last section of the stage, which takes place in a cave similar to that presented in Sonic the Hedgehog 8-bit and Sonic Generations. With a beautiful subterranean lake in the background and small rock formations.

The Act 2, however, has a whole new art style based on the prototype version of the Green Hill Zone. The background presents the distant mountains, now much closer, the player begins in the cave at the end of the first act. The cavernous area features rock formations with smaller vegetation and new models of totems, now larger, following the same pattern as the smaller ones. The stage follows with a series of gimmicks and other new things compared to its original version. Among them, the use of zip lines, small underwater areas like in Angel Island Zone. In addition, presents in a new interaction with Flame Shield, which would be when burning the wooden bridges.


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