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Egg Wrecker
Egg Wrecker
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Level: Green Hill Zone
Hits to defeat: 8

The Egg Wrecker[1] is the first boss encountered in Sonic the Hedgehog, fought at the end of Green Hill Zone. Today, it remains one of the most famous boss fights in video game history, with its ball-and-chain recreated in other Sonic games and parodied by other series. The checkered ball appears to be leftover art from a pre-release of the game, which used the object as an obstacle which could be rode upon and pushed.


The attack pattern of this boss is quite predictable. Dr. Eggman will swing the checkered ball back and forth, trying to hurt Sonic with it. When he swings the ball toward him, the safest place to be is under one of the two platforms, where he cannot harm him.

To fight back, the player should get on one of the platforms. When Eggman swings the checkered ball in the opposite direction, the player should jump and hit him once. When he swings the ball in their direction, they should quickly get under the platform, and back onto it once it's safe. This process needs to be repeated 8 times before he's destroyed.

There is also an alternative, and quicker way of defeating Eggman. The player can attack Eggman at any time, due to the platforms. These are high enough so that the player can simply attack. As soon as the boss music starts, the player can quickly get on the right platform and attack Eggman as many times as possible during the fall. They should always stay on this platform if they do this as he'll strike to the left first, and the player can land two more hits. Do the above until defeated. This cannot be done in the 2013 version as Eggman cannot be hit until the wrecking ball is fully lowered.


The boss reappears in both Sonic Advance and Sonic 4: Episode I. The only changes in these versions are that in Sonic Advance the boss only takes 4 hits, and in Sonic 4 the boss has a pinch attack and can't be attacked before the checkered ball comes out, like most bosses programmed by Dimps.


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