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3D Sonic the Hedgehog
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System(s): Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Nintendo 3DS
2013-05-15[1] ¥571 (600)[1] ?
Nintendo 3DS
2013-12-05[2] $5.99[2] ?
ESRB: Everyone
Nintendo 3DS
2013-12-05[3] €4.99 CTR-N-JHJP-00
PEGI: 3+
Nintendo 3DS
2013-12-05[4] £4.49 CTR-N-JHJP-00
PEGI: 3+
Nintendo 3DS
2013-12-05[5] €4.99 CTR-N-JHJP-00
USK: 0

3D Sonic the Hedgehog (3D ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ) is a remake of Sonic the Hedgehog developed by Sega and M2 for the Nintendo 3DS and released worldwide in 2013. It is the third in a series of "3D" remakes of older Sega games for the 3DS, following 3D Space Harrier and 3D Super Hang-On.


Additional features include 3D effects, the inclusion of the Spin Dash, Level Select available at the start without a cheat code (called "Special" Mode), A filter to display the game with a CRT-style look with blurred colors (no 3D), customizable controls, the choice between the Japanese and International versions, and the option to hear the sound using a Mega Drive or Mega Drive 2 style. The Japanese version is Rev. 01, along with changing spike damage behavior to act like Sonic 2 and later (like in Sonic Mega Collection); the International version is Rev. 00 with no modification to spike behavior.

The Spin Dash is slightly different from usual, as Sonic can still be damaged by collision with a moving Badnik while charging the move.



In early 2017, Sega announced Sega Ages for the Nintendo Switch, which is a follow-up to the 3D Classics series that adds more features and online play that was launched worldwide in August 2018. Sega Ages Sonic the Hedgehog was announced as one of the launch titles for this new line.

Nintendo eShop chart performance

Platform Nintendo eShop reference Monthly Nintendo eShop chart appearances Weekly eShop chart appearances and rankings Weeks on the eShop (original run / cumulative total)
Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Everything (starting 12/11/13) December 2013 12/11 (#6), 12/16 (#2), 12/29 (#10) 3 / 3
" " January 2014 1/2 (#16), 1/6 (#18), 1/20 (#20) 5 / 6
" " July 2015 7/1 (#2), 7/7 (#1) " / 8
" " November 2015 11/18 (#8), 11/26 (#11) " / 10
" " December 2015 12/2 (#4) " / 11
" " August 2016 8/1 (#15) " / 12
" " July 2017 7/5 (#13) " / 13
" " November 2017 11/15 (#3) " / 14

Production credits

  • Directors: Naoki Horii, Tsuyoshi Matsuoka
  • Planners: Tsuyoshi Matsuoka, Takaaki Hashimoto, Takehiro Kawachi
  • Programmers: Makoto Harashino, Shintaro Ishikura, Minoru Kubota, Nobuhisa Shinoda, Akira Saito, Tetsuya Abe, Masaki Goto, Youichirou Watanabe, Jumpei Isshiki, Hotaka Sato, Tomohiro Takahashi
  • Library & Tools: Jun Okada, Toshinori Yuuki(WAMSOFT), Go Watanabe(WAMSOFT)
  • Graphic Designers: Naoki Takahashi, Takuya Watanabe
  • Sound Designers: Manabu Namiki, Jane Everlyn Nisperos
SEGA of America, Inc.
  • Chairman/CCO: Masanao Maeda
  • SVP, Digital Business: Haruki Satomi
  • VP, Digital Business: Chris Olson
  • Director, Digital Business Planning: Naoki Kameda
  • Director of Mobile Business: David Zemke
  • Senior Director of Digital Marketing: Mike Evans
  • Development Director, International: Patrick Riley
  • Sr. Development Director: Todd Hartwig
  • Producer: Samuel Mullen
  • Digital Brand Manager: Mike Han
  • Digital Business Analyst: Will Cox
  • Associate Digital Campaign Manager: Hilarree Wong
  • Director of Creative Services: Jen Groeling
  • Video Production Manager: Carl Smolka
  • Video Editor: Greg Ammen
  • Senior Flash Designer: Mike Dobbins
  • Sr. Community Manager: Kellie Parker
  • Community Manager: Julian Mehlfeld
  • Associate Community Manager: David Beavers
  • Customer Support Manager:Jeff Hawkins
  • Director of Legal: Liana Larson
  • Legal Counsel: Cindy Lin
  • Legal Associate: Jerusha Herman
  • Development Operations Director: John Merlino
  • Development Operations Supervisor: Stephen Akana
  • QA Lead: Junior Sison
  • QA Testers: Jayson Cook, Harold Butchart, Justin Edwards
  • Mastering Lab Supervisor: Rey Casto Buzon
  • Mastering Lab Technician: Dmitryi Khlynin
  • Development Hardware Supervisor: Matt Ellison
SEGA Europe Ltd.
  • COO: Jurgen Post
  • CFO: John Ward
  • Senior Vice President, Business Planning: Yusuke Suai
  • Vice President, Digital Distribution: John Clarke
  • Director, Development Services Sega West: Jim Woods
  • Head of Studio Localisation & ESD, Product Development: Charlotte O'Connor
  • Assistant Producer: Mimo Funakoshi
  • Marketing Manager: Mike Masuku
  • European Digital PR Executive: Amy White
  • Assistant Brand Manager: Ryo Urushibata
  • Director of Creative Services: Alison Peat-Borrelli
  • Traffic Manager: Jeff Webber
  • Digital Traffic Co-ordinator: Cai Waters
  • Traffic Co-ordinator: Asha Chauhan
  • Creative Team Manager: Noud Tempelaere
  • Creative Artworker: Ranj Vekaria
  • Submissions Co-ordinator: Michael Power
  • Multimedia Producer: Elliot Kidner
  • Video Editor: Akane Hiraoka
  • Head of Web Design: Nick McKenzie
  • Senior Web Designer: Mac Adanc
  • Head of Operations: Natalie Forsyth
  • Commercial Director: Dean Trotman
  • Director of Legal and Business Affairs: Nicky Ormrod
  • Head of Licensing: Nivine Emeran
  • Legal Executive: Marine Cabour
  • Head of Program Office: Mark Le Breton
  • Submissions Manager: Dave Pither
  • Process and TCM Manager: Ben Howell
  • Head of QA & Localisation QA: Ghulham Khan
  • Production Managers: Teressa Wright, Simon Lawrence
  • Resource Manager: Ben Jackson
  • Localisation Manager: Marta Lois González
  • Localisation Project Supervisor: Antonella Marras
  • Lead Translators: Luis J. Paredes, Nicole Thomer, Jesús Álvarez
  • Translators: Tatjana Nath, Giulia Checchi, Anaïs Maniaval, Daniela Kaynert, Chiara Canu, Gabriel Casas, Sebastián Salguero, Ronan Salon, Giuseppe Rosa
  • Mastering & Equipment Manager: Phil Adams
  • Senior Mastering Technician: Mike Veness
  • Assistant Mastering Technicians: Paul Hann, Shaun Young
  • QA Project Lead: Adrian Daly
  • QA Language Supervisor: Alessandro Irranca
  • QA Language Assistant Team Leads: Alan Desole, Ricardo Silvestre Valle
  • QA Language Testers: Thomas Gillmann, Etienne Dumont, Serenella Grimaldi, Elfriede Tillian, Irene Schauermann, Rocío Román
  • Compliance Supervisor: Darran Wall
  • Compliance Co-ordinator: Mohammed Ajaib
  • Compliance Senior Technician: Martin Walker
  • Compliance Technician: Michael Webb
  • Administration and Finance Co-ordinator: Chris Bien
  • QA Administrator: Chris Geiles
  • Shift Monitors: Chris Bailey, Tony Langan
Presented by: SEGA
Source: In-game credits

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