Chemical Plant Zone (Sonic Mania)

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Chemical Plant Zone
  • Act 1
  • Act 2
Chemical Plant Zone
Second Zone, Sonic Mania
Number of Acts: 2
Location: West Side Island
Level theme: industrial
Sub-boss: Amoeba Droid
Boss: Mean Bean Machine
Underwater areas: Act 1
Non-English names:
  • JP: ケミカルプラント Kemikaru Puranto
Green Hill Zone | Studiopolis Zone

Chemical Plant Zone is the second Zone of Sonic Mania, which is based on Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The player is sent here by the power of the Phantom Ruby at the hands of Dr. Eggman.


Set in Dr. Eggman's chemical plant, this Zone is a token industrial cityscape with a network of blue chemical pipes that again serve as the Zone's many twisting pathways. Act 1 is very similar to the original Zone and incorporates level design from both Acts of the original, with winding passageways, pipes, harmful chemical globs, and, of course, Mega Mack. The infamous "rising pool" is also featured in this Act, with the Mega Mack now rising much faster than before. New additions include an entirely new bottom route and Metallic Madness-style pipes where the player can choose their own path. Compared to the original Zone, the sky is now populated with clouds.

Act 2 has Sonic and the gang exploring deeper into the plant to an indoor section, with large beakers and jars present in the background. The blue chemical that composes the ball snakes from Act 1 now appear in large pools that are harmful unless the player has a Bubble Shield. By standing on giant syringes, this hazardous fluid can be transformed into a gelatinous substance that can be bounced on, propelling the player high into the air. Along the way the player will find large DNA strands that carry them through the air, encased in a bubble of Mega Mack. Sticky platforms that slide across walls and ceilings can be clinged to and jumped off of to move to different areas of the Act. Structurally, Act 2 is a vertically-oriented Act that starts at the bottom and has the player continually progress upwards.

After defeating the boss of the Zone, the player takes a transport tube that leads to Studiopolis Zone.

Encore Mode

In Encore Mode, Chemical Plant Zone has a palette change, with the red skies and structures changing to a cooler dark blue.


Grabber Mania.png
Grabber — Spider Badnik that hangs from the ceiling and grabs the player, then self-destructing. From the original Chemical Plant Zone.
Spiny Mania.png
Spiny — Anemone Badnik that moves very slowly and spits out projectiles. From the original Chemical Plant Zone.
Catakiller, Jr. — A blue caterpillar surrounded by a shield-like contraption. Only the head is vulnerable. From Sonic the Hedgehog 3's Angel Island Zone.

References and Easter eggs

Reference Appears in Source Game Source Level
Sonic's animation when he shakes off the purple chemical drop (instead of water like in Toxic Caves). Act 1 Sonic Spinball Toxic Caves
Pipes where the player can choose their path. Act 1, Act 2 Sonic the Hedgehog CD Metallic Madness Zone
Mini-Boss resembling the Ice Cap Zone's Big Icedus but rotated and using chemicals instead of ice balls. Act 1 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Ice Cap Zone
Catakiller, Jr.'s appearance. Act 2 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Angel Island Zone
Bouncy chemicals which work exactly like floor in Wacky Workbench Zone. Act 2 Sonic the Hedgehog CD Wacky Workbench Zone
Coiled tubes but clear. Act 2 Sonic the Hedgehog CD/Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Quartz Quadrant Zone/Carnival Night Zone
Groups of blocks that lower themselves when hit from underneath. Act 2 Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) Star Light Zone
The entire boss fight with changed gameplay to that of Puyo Puyo/Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, along with a remixed version of the track "Final of Puyo Puyo"/"2 Player vs.". Act 2 Puyo Puyo/Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Stage 13



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