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First Seen: Sonic & Knuckles (1994)

  • Species: Eggman robot (Badnik)
  • Gender: N/A, referred to as male
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown

Eggrobo (エッグロボ), or occasionally Eggmanrobo in Japan, are android badniks who make their first appearance in Sonic & Knuckles' Sky Sanctuary Zone. Shaped like an egg with arms and legs (clearly made to resemble Dr. Eggman), Eggrobos hover in place and attack with a laser pistol.


Sonic 3 & Knuckles

In Sonic or Tails' stories through Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Eggrobos are first seen during the cutscene at the start of Sky Sanctuary Zone, launching from the Death Egg's equatorial circumference as the great battle station climbs back into space under the power of the Master Emerald. These rotund badniks are the only foes (bar Mecha Sonic) to be found in Sky Sanctuary. The Eggrobo in Sky Sanctuary are seemingly much less resilient to attack than the one Knuckles spends his duration of the story fighting, due to them only needing one attack to destroy.

For Knuckles, however, one of these badniks plays a more integral story role. While Sonic and Tails deal with Eggman himself throughout S3&K, the echidna's boss fights feature an Eggrobo piloting the boss machines during every level except for Flying Battery Zone (and, occasionally, Mushroom Hill Zone). It is unknown canonically why this EggRobo is piloting Dr. Eggman's vehicles unless it either thinks it is Eggman or Dr. Eggman simply gave it commands to do so. Most likely, it was commanded to get the Master Emerald back. This Eggrobo may be the Eggrobo that emerges from the pile of destroyed Eggrobos in Sonic and Tails' Chaos Emerald only endings as Knuckles' storyline takes place after the events of Sonic and Tails'.

Sonic R

Eggrobo is also an unlockable character in Sonic R, with stats and abilities similar to those of Eggman. Sonic Channel featured Japanese language profiles of the Sonic R characters; translated, Eggrobo's is as follows:

Eggrobo in Sky Sanctuary

Eggman created this robot intending to surpass his strongest robots, including the other Metals. However, it demonstrated its true strength on its first mission: thanks to its comical body, it ignores air resistance . . . Eggman boasts of the offensive abilities he gave it, and it still matches Metal Sonic's speed.

[Appearance requirements] Collect 5 tokens in Regal Ruin in Grand Prix mode and finish better than fourth place to begin a one-on-one match with Eggmanrobo. Win this race and Eggmanrobo will become a possible choice on the character select screen.

Key Advice:

  • Low turning ability. Use LR Buttons effectively to struggle through corners.
  • On the water, deceleration occurs immediately. Hurry to land to recover.
  • Eggmanrobo has a huge body. When a course is difficult to see, press the Z button to change your viewpoint.

— Sonic Channel

Sonic Adventure 2

In the original Dreamcast version of the game, Eggrobo could be downloaded in Eggrobo Kart Racing as a playable character for use in the racing minigame. In the GameCube remake, he had to be unlocked for use in the racing minigame, by clearing all Rouge the Bat's missions. He was not part of the game's actual story or any normal stage.

Sonic Generations (HD)

An indigo Eggrobo opening fire

In Sonic Generations (HD), the hedgehog revisits Sky Sanctuary Zone to be confronted by the classic Eggrobo opponents. Some of the robots use their rifles rather more dangerously, now, firing not one beam of light but several at once.

In addition, and lacking any official name, variant Missile Eggrobos are enemies found only in this level. Whereas in the original level, the only enemies to appear at all were the classic red/yellow Eggrobos, Act 2 of the Generations stage mixes things up by adding these new. indigo/red versions.

Missile Eggrobos don't carry the Eggrobos' standard laser rifle, instead firing homing missiles out of the top of their heads, which pursue Sonic with some tenacity.

Sonic Mania

The Hard-Boiled Heavy named the Heavy Gunner.

In the game Sonic Mania, there are first-act bosses by the name of Hard-Boiled Heavies who are essentially modified Eggrobos with attacks of differing themes. For example, in Studiopolis Zone the Hard-Boiled Heavy is the Heavy Gunner, who has a gun similar to a studio light, and he and other Eggrobos pursue Sonic on a flying motorcycle-like vehicle.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

Eggrobos make an appearance as enemies in the Smash Run mode in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. They'll fly around the place and attack players by firing several quick blasts or a large laser beam.

Other continuities

When Eggrobos appeared in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic books, they were referred to as "Eggbots."

In issue 54, Snively controls a group of Eggrobos which he uses to stop Sonic the Hedgehog and locate Ixis Naugus.


Eggrobo in Sonic Adventure 2. Eggrobo Concept Artwork in Sonic Generations. EggRobo statue.png Egg Robo Trophy in Super Smash Bros.jpeg Eggrobo Generations.png

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