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Game: Sonic Frontiers
Level: Kronos Island, Chaos Island]] (mini-boss)

Squid[fn 1] is a Guardian in Sonic Frontiers, appearing on the first and third islands, Kronos Island and Chaos Island. It is a very large robot that resembles a crayfish despite its name, though sports multiple metallic tendrils that give it a more cephalopod-like appearance like its namesake.


Kronos Island features two Squids. Both Squids will be flying around across set paths, leaving purple light trails resembling roadways in their wakes. As they are typically high up in the air, they will primarily ignore Sonic, requiring him to use elevated platforms and gimmicks to reach one.

When encountered by Sonic, a Squid will briefly face him for its title card, then resume its flight. From up high, it will fire energy shots at Sonic when he's on the ground, and to properly engage it he will need to jump onto its light trail to begin chasing it, and will automatically run once in pursuit. Squid will move quickly to escape from Sonic and attempt to stop him by shooting at him. These energy shots must be avoided by jumping or Quick Stepping, and Sonic must Boost to get closer to Squid. Once he gets close enough, Sonic can strike Squid with a Homing Attack.

After it has been hit, Squid will stop fleeing and hover in place, creating a circular platform around it for Sonic to stand on. At this point, the player can land combo attacks on it to deal further damage. Squid will attempt to fight back against Sonic by thrusting its large arms at him, which he can Parry to avoid damage. It will also try to shield itself in a barrier to block further attacks from the player, which can be broken by performing a Cyloop on it. After some time, Squid will attempt to flee again, and the process repeats back to the beginning.

After its HP is depleted, Squid will go down. It drops a Portal Gear upon defeat.

A special Squid appears during Sonic's first encounter with Knight on Chaos Island, providing him a path to run on. It is destroyed by Knight's spinning shield.


  1. Stylised as "SQUID" on in-game title cards and hints in English and Japanese.


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