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First seen: Sonic Frontiers (2022)
Users: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose
Type: Movement

The Cyloop (サイループ) is a move performed by Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic Frontiers. It is one of the most ubiquitous moves that Sonic can learn in the game with many uses, such as for combat and for solving puzzles.

The move was inspired by the 1981 arcade game Qix[1]. It is also similar in function to the Paraloop used by NiGHTS in NiGHTS into Dreams.


Sonic using the Cyloop on a Shell to remove its armour.

The Cyloop is the first Skill that can be unlocked in the game's Skill menu, and is unlocked for only one Skill Point. At any point while Sonic is moving on the ground in the Open Zone, holding Triangle (PS4/PS5)/Y (XB1)/X (Switch) will make him start leaving behind a trail of semi-pixelated energy in his wake. While Sonic is emitting this light trail, the player can move him in a circle to close the loop, then release the button. Doing so creates an updraft which has a variety of effects depending on the situation.

In combat, the Cyloop can be used on smaller enemies to send them flying into the air for a while, leaving them vulnerable to followup attacks. Using another Cyloop on said enemies while they're in the air will make spears of energy pin the enemies back down to the ground for extra damage. The Cyloop is also vital when fighting enemies that can protect themselves with impenetrable armour, such as Shells, as it can blow the armour away and make the enemies vulnerable to damage. Some bosses, such as Asura, can also be made vulnerable by using the Cyloop in the right moments.

Outside of combat, the Cyloop has many other purposes. It can be used on a variety of environmental objects to either destroy them or cause other effects, such as blowing out torches, and is an essential skill for solving the various Challenges found across the Starfall Islands. Using the Cyloop anywhere else in the Open Zone will make random items appears, such as Rings, Memory Tokens and sometimes even a rare item, making it very useful if the player needs to gather Rings in a pinch. If the player draws an infinity symbol (∞) with the Cyloop, they will be able to Boost infinitely for a short while.

A variant of the move, known as the Quick Cyloop, can also be unlocked.

As Super Sonic

Super Sonic can also use the Cyloop when fighting against a Titan. In such cases, the move's power is greatly amplified, and will have different effects depending on the Titan he performs it on:

  • Using the move on Giganto or Supreme will fling them into the air and immobilise them, while perfoming it a second time will slam them back into the ground.
  • Using it on Wyvern will shackle its hands with chains of light, and then around its neck to further constrain it if used a second time.
  • Using it on Knight will skewer it with golden spears of light and immobilise it, then summon a larger spear to impale it into the ground if used a second time.

As other characters

In Another Story, Amy, Knuckles and Tails can unlock the Cyloop in their respective skill trees for only one Skill Point. These characters can use the Cyloop in the same way as Sonic. They can also unlock their own variants of the move in their skill trees:


Run around while leaving a light trail. After creating an enclosure with the light trail and then releasing the button, various effects can happen.

— In-game description


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