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For the animated short, see Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Divergence.
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Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Convergence
Publisher: Sega
Number of issues: 1

Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Convergence (ソニックフロンティア プロローグ:Convergence(収束)) is a one-shot digital comic published by Sega to promote Sonic Frontiers. The comic was posted on the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter in two parts, with the first part being posted on October 18, 2022[1], and the second part being posted one week later on October 25, 2022[2]. A Japanese version was also posted on the Japanese Sonic Frontiers website.


The comic begins with Sonic and Tails flying through the sky in the Tornado to rendezvous with Amy on an island, with Sonic calling for an emergency landing as Amy is facing up against Dr. Eggman and an army of Crabmeats and Shellcrackers on the shoreline. Sonic makes his entrance by slamming directly into Eggman's cockpit, with Amy having already dealt with the Badniks just as Sonic asked if she's saved any Badniks for him. Immediately afterwards, Eggman attempts to smash them with his mech's claw, but the attack is deflected by Amy's Piko Piko Hammer.

While Eggman is distracted with Sonic and Amy, Tails flies behind his mech and unscrews the right claw from the main body, disabling it, though Eggman continues to open fire with the other claw. Sonic takes notice of Eggman's repetitious phrases, having heard all of them before, and asks for ideas on how to wrap up the fight quickly, with Amy proposing that she and Tails take out the front legs and Sonic deals the finishing blow on the cockpit. Upon smashing the cockpit however, Sonic discovers that the pilot is just another decoy robot. Tails picks up that this is part of a bigger plan to distract the heroes from the Starfall Islands, which they need to go to and find the Chaos Emeralds which had started gathering there. With the prospect of adventure waiting for them, the trio set off for Kronos Island in the Tornado.

Later, on Kronos Island, Dr. Eggman prepares to survey the Starfall Islands in hopes of acquiring the long-lost technology of the Ancients until he is interrupted by Orbot and Cubot, who report to him that Sonic has smashed Unit D3-COY. Eggman orders to keep things running until he returns, expressing his frustration on how developing life-like personalities into some minions has only annoyed him. Knowing Sonic is on his way here, Eggman decides to accelerate his plans, although his ship's AI advises against doing so without running tests first. The scientist orders the AI to hurry up for download and deployment, with plans on using the AI to hack into the Ancients' cyber security and hopefully acquire their technology.

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Source: Twitter[3]



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