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NiGHTS in Journey of Dreams.

NiGHTS is the protagonist of NiGHTS into Dreams... (Sega Saturn) and NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (Wii), games developed and published by Sega's Sonic Team. The character has made several cameos in the Sonic series.


Designed by Sonic's creator Naoto Oshima, NiGHTS is a member of the genderless "Nightmaren" species who inhabit the world of dreams, and helps out children who come there in their sleep. NiGHTS wears a purple jester style hat and outfit, with a diamond-shaped red jewel on er chest.

A mischievous free spirit, NiGHTS was created by the evil Wizeman in the realm of nightmares, but rebelled against er creator's attempts to conquer the dream world. NiGHTS' gameplay is based around flying, and the character has a variety of aerial skills, including the creation of portals called 'paraloops'. As a creature of the dream world, NiGHTS is capable of transforming into a variety of different shapes on collecting 'persona masks' in Journey of Dreams.

Relation to Sonic

NiGHTS makes occasional appearances in Sonic games. Er most notable contribution came in Sonic Pinball Party, where NiGHTS helped Sonic free Amy and Tails from Eggman's hypnotism. In most cases, however, NiGHTS simply appears briefly in a cameo role of dubious canonicity.

  • Sonic Adventure: NiGHTS appears in a Pinball game, and in the missions, NiGHTS' picture can be seen on a small billboard next to Tails' shop.
  • Sonic Pinball Party: Here the Pinball game features many elements from NiGHTS into Dreams. This is the only game where NiGHTS actually interacts with Sonic.
  • Sonic Battle: NiGHTS appears in the Speed Demon mini game where eh can be seen flying in the background.

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