Regal Ruin

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Sonic R
Regal Ruin
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Regal Ruin
Third level, Sonic R
Level theme: desert/western
Secondary level theme: ancient ruins
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Map of the level

Regal Ruin is the third level made available for play in Sonic R. This is an arid desert race course, filled with sand-blasted ruins and ancient, secret passageways. Because of the many routes and shortcuts, the player can either become lost or finish the race very quickly. The level's theme is Back in Time.

This course contains two Chaos Emeralds, and collecting all five Sonic Tokens (and finishing in the top three) will allow you to race against and unlock the Eggrobo.


These ancient Egyptian remains are an archaeologist's dream (or a nightmare, depending on if you like mazes or not). The main path is pretty easy to follow, but there are many little roads and nooks which could be hiding treasure, so search well! Springs might help you out of tight spots in this course.


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