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Saturn version

Control the R on the title screen

SonicR SAT ControlTheR.png

On the title screen, use the D-Pad to rotate the "R", press A and B to change its colours, and X and Y to change its lighting.

Resize models on the menus

SonicR SAT ResizeMenuModels Large.png
SonicR SAT ResizeMenuModels Small.png

In the menus, press L to make the preview models bigger, and R to make them smaller.

Play as the same character in VS mode

SonicR SAT SelectSameCharacter 1.png
SonicR SAT SelectSameCharacter 2.png

Hold X+Y+Z while selecting a character.

Clean pause

Pause the game and press X+Y+Z to hide the pause menu. To make it reappear, press Up or Down on the D-Pad.

Windows PC version

Control the R on the title screen

SonicR PC LogoControl.png

On the title screen, use the  🡨 ,  🡪 ,  🡩  and  🡫  keys to rotate the "R", and press Camera (default  1 ) to cycle through various colour schemes.

Rotate and zoom track models

SonicR PC TrackZoom.png

In the track selection menu, press and hold  🡩  to make the track model bigger and rotate so you can view the model directly from above, and  🡫  to make the model smaller and view from side on. This functionality only appears to exist for track models, no other menu models can be controlled.

Play as the same character in VS mode

SonicR PC SameCharacter1.png
SonicR PC SameCharacter2.png

Hold Camera (default  1 ) while selecting a character.

Skip intro/credits screens

Hold Action (default  Space ) and press Accelerate (default  A ) on any intro or credits screen to instantly skip to the next screen. Doing this on the title screen skips to the demo rather than the main menu.

Holding Action (default  Space ) + Accelerate (default  A ) + Camera (default  1 ) and pressing Start (default  Enter ) on any credits screen will instantly skip all credits screens and return you to the Sega logo screen.

Command line parameters (2004 version)

Create a shortcut to the game and pass in the following command line arguments:

  • unlockgame: Unlocks Radiant Emerald track and all hidden characters except Super Sonic.
  • ignorecd: Disable CD check.
  • windowed: Play game in a 640x480 window.
  • path: Appears to do nothing.
  • allowdemorecord: Records the player's races to a file which can be replayed in the attract mode.
  • allowmodeswap: Appears to do nothing.

These command line parameters only work in the 2004 updated version of the game[1]

Cheat device codes

Action Replay (Saturn)

Unofficial codes

Code Effect
F6000914 C305 + B6002800 0000 Master code
1600BD5E 0005 Always have 5 Sonic tokens
1600B3F0 0063 99 rings
1600B434 0001 Place 1st in grand grix race
1600B3F0 0FFF Always have 999 rings


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