Flying Battery Zone

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Flying Battery Zone
  • Act 1
  • Act 2
Flying Battery Zone
Second level, Sonic & Knuckles
Number of Acts: 2
Level theme: flying fortress
Secondary level theme: industrial
Sub-boss: Gapsule
Sub-boss for Act 2: Barrier Eggman
Boss: Hang Mobile
Maximum rings, Act 1: 299 + 30
Maximum rings, Act 2: 259 + 20
Non-English names:
Mushroom Hill Zone | Sandopolis Zone
For the Sonic Mania version of this stage, see Flying Battery Zone (Sonic Mania)

Flying Battery Zone is the second zone in Sonic & Knuckles (the eighth zone in Sonic 3 & Knuckles). It is entered when Sonic or Knuckles latch themselves to Robotnik's flying airship as it passes through Mushroom Hill Zone. Both characters spin through a hatch to leave the airship for Sandopolis Zone.

Connections to Sonic 3

This level was originally meant to be in Sonic 3, between Carnival Night Zone and IceCap Zone, as supported by the zone order found in the Level Select and the zone's enemies being mentioned in the game's US manual. The cannon at the end Carnival Night would have launched Sonic and Tails to the flying fortress. Knuckles would have skipped this level entirely since he was being teleported directly to IceCap, explaining the lack of Knuckles-only paths. At the end of the Flying Battery, Sonic runs down a hallway and hits a panel off the ship, which would have been used as a snowboard by him at the beginning of IceCap Zone.

It is believed that the level was moved over to Sonic and Knuckles to balance out the number of full levels in each game (six levels each, not counting Hidden Palace and Doomsday since they are sublevels.)

Sonic 3 Flying Battery icon.PNG
A custom icon has been found in Sonic 3, so it can be assumed it was near completion before it was moved.

With the use a Game Genie, Flying Battery Zone is actually still accessible in the final version of Sonic 3 albeit in a corrupted form. To access act one, use FFFE10:0400, and for act two, use FFFE10:0401. For act two, you need to do this in a very specific way since just trying to access the zone alone will freeze the game as soon as the data starts loading. In act one of the corrupted Flying Battery zone, a fully functional Gapsule mini-boss can be found using debug mode.


Flying Battery Zone has three bosses: one in act one, two in act two.

The first boss is an animal capsule with a boss in it. Get on top of the button on its head. When its eyes flash, move off the button and it will hit itself. Repeat this five more times to defeat it.

The second boss is another self-defeating boss, yet another "homage" to a similar boss from a previous game. You just have to avoid the laser as the cage gets smaller and it will eventually defeat itself. You will then be forced to race upward away from an upward-moving platform to avoid being crushed.

The third boss is Eggman swinging on a pair of chains. Avoid being hit by the spiky arms and bursts of flames it shoots, and when the ship starts swinging up and down, use this chance to hit it. It takes eight hits to defeat. An interesting note about this boss is that it is the only time Knuckles fights Dr. Eggman (at every other boss point in his story, he faces the EggRobo instead). This was most likely an accidental oversight with the switch to Sonic & Knuckles.


Go flying on Robotnik's warship. Watch where you step—sneaky traps are everywhere!
This zone has particularly distinctive music, doesn't it. With Sonic 1 and 2, we were working with Nakamura-san, so we couldn't get any extra music, but since with 3 we had the music done in-house, we were able to have a whole lot of music made up for us. We picked out from that selection the music that fit each zone best.

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