Death Ball

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Death Ball
Game: Sonic & Knuckles
Level: Death Egg Zone (Sonic & Knuckles) (mini-boss)
Hits to defeat: 8

Death Ball is another mini-boss encountered in both Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic 3 & Knuckles before facing the Great Eggman Robo. Its form resembles a miniature Death Egg, which is protected by a rotating shield. Its base periodically opens up, releasing small cars with three sets of spikes which then travel around the floor of the Death Egg.

Thanks to its bumper shield, Death Ball is immune to any direct attacks from the player -- in fact, if you glitch through the shield, you'll find it doesn't even have proper collision. The only way to damage the boss is to hit it with the spiked side of the cars. The obvious method to do this is to use the gravity-switch tubes on the side of the arena and timing it so they fall into the Death Ball, but Spin Dashing into a car that's upside-down relative to the current gravity will flip it into the air, which is far more efficient. Spike cars will be released right-side up relative to normal gravity, so staying in reversed gravity the entire battle lets you make quick work of this boss.

A spike car left alone for too long will explode, sending its spikes out through the arena. The same will happen if a car hits the Death Ball with its wheeled side. In addition, Super Tails's Super Flickies can and will destroy the spike cars, preventing you from damaging the Death Ball until Super form expires.


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