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Kyodai Eggman Robo
Kyodai Eggman Robo
Game: Sonic & Knuckles
Level: Death Egg Zone
Hits to defeat: 34 total
(18 on the robot’s fingers, 8 on its Master Emerald chamber, 8 on the fleeing Egg Mobile)
Fought by: Sonic and/or Tails

Kyodai Eggman Robo (巨大エッグマンロボ)[1] is the boss of Death Egg Zone in Sonic & Knuckles and (by extension) Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It is playable by Sonic and Tails in normal gameplay as the regular final boss, and as Knuckles by completing Death Egg Zone Act 2 via the level select (as his normal game ends at Sky Sanctuary Zone). The boss is listed as "Doomsday Act 2".

Having beaten Death Ball successfully, the player runs off screen, and the level fades to black and then back in with a Death Egg Zone Act 2 title card (the only clue that this is in fact a different Act entirely, although it is the second to be named Act 2 after the main level), revealing the player character chasing Dr. Eggman, who quickly jumps inside a giant robot though a hatchway that closes behind him. The ground begins to collapse, forcing the player to run to the right to find stable ground, and as such the player leaves the mech behind. It then comes back in from the left, beginning the final boss fight.


First phase

The boss comes in from the left, filling the screen, with 6 massive fingers collected in two groups of three. Each "hand" will lock on to the character if it is close enough, then rise slightly and slam down into the floor, doing damage unless the character is Spin Dashing. It continues this until all 6 fingers have been destroyed - each takes 3 hits. The fingers can only be hit when on the ground, and to do this the player can either jump up just when the fingers are about to fall and bounce on them from the top, hold a Spin Dash and let the fingers destroy themselves, or let a Spin Dash go while standing between fingers and ricochet between two or more of them. (If the player chooses to ricochet, they should make sure that the fingers are not against the wall of the screen; otherwise they will stop Spin Dashing when they get to the leftmost finger, the game will think they have been crushed between it and the wall, and therefore they will have to restart the boss.) Skilled players can drop down from a jump onto two fingers simultaneously, if positioned correctly, with a pixel tolerance of zero. It is also possible to hit a finger twice in the same slam. A Spin Dash initiated from inside the group of fingers yields the best results across all characters. However, as Sonic only, the Insta-Shield can be used to damage three fingers at once, and if done correctly, this method has greater results than the Spin Dash.

Second phase

Charging the Master Emerald laser.

Once all the fingers have been destroyed, the mech drops below the platform and out of sight, then appears sideways-on at the far left of the screen, in what is arguably the hardest section of the entire boss. The mech slowly marches towards the player, firing fireballs from its nose that the player must dodge. The player must then hit the upper chest area of the mech, which then drops down, revealing the Master Emerald. The Emerald charges for a few seconds (the player's chance to jump in and do some actual damage to the mech), before firing a screen-length laser that can only be dodged if the player is at the apex of a jump. (It is also possible, if the laser goes off during the rise of a mech walking step, to crouch and avoid death by laser, but this is a very rare occurence and death usually results from such attempts.) 8 hits of the Master Emerald later, and the mech drops downwards off the screen again, defeated - but it's not quite over yet.

Final phase

Robotnik really wants to keep that gem!

The final stage (in which the clock is stopped). Rising from the smoking wreck of the giant robot is an Egg Mobile, piloted by Eggman (or the Eggrobo if the player is using Knuckles, as the game applies the same patching-in of the latter’s face as during other bosses), and he has the Master Emerald on the end of the same grabbing device that was used to steal it from the Hidden Palace Zone in the first place. He then flies off to the right, and the platform rapidly starts crumbling from the left, garbage falling from the sky as the Death Egg finally falls to pieces. The player must chase after the Egg Mobile and hit it. There are no hazards in this stage other than the quickly disintegrating walkway. (Notably, one cannot become/remain Super or Hyper in this stage.) Holding Right and jumping occasionally is enough to defeat him; the player must make sure to time the jump when the character is underneath or to the right of the machine or the resulting rebound may be enough to throw the character off into open space and an instant death. After 8 hits the Egg Mobile explodes, and the Master Emerald drops onto the platform next to the player’s character. The Zone is complete.


At this point, one of several things happen, depending on the character and/or Emeralds gathered (see Sonic 3 & Knuckles chronology and endings for further elaboration):

  • If the player is Sonic, and he has all the Super Emeralds, the game will progress to The Doomsday Zone with the Best Ending.
  • If the player is Sonic, and he had all the Chaos Emeralds and but not all of the Super Emeralds, the game will go to The Doomsday Zone with the Good Ending even if Sonic isn't able to transform into Super Sonic in normal gameplay due to the Chaos Emeralds being taken away to access Super Emeralds Special Stages.
  • If the player is Sonic and has any other Emerald combination, the game will go to the regular ending.
  • If the player is Tails, and he has all the Super Emeralds, the game will progress to the best ending for Tails.
  • If the player is Tails, and he has all the Chaos Emeralds but not the Super Emeralds, the game will progress to the good ending for Tails.
  • If the player is Tails, and he has not collected all the Chaos Emeralds, the game will progress to the normal ending for Tails.
    • Note that, regardless of which of the previous scenarios is applicable, Tails never visits The Doomsday Zone. If the conditions for The Doomsday Zone are met, the Master Emerald is still dropped by Eggman even though he will still have it for The Doomsday Zone, resulting in a storyline error.
  • If the player is Knuckles (having accessed the boss by cheating, as Death Egg Zone is normally unavailable to the echidna), the game goes straight back to the Sega logo and then the title screen, without an ending sequence.


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