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'This is because Knuckles is unaware that Eggman is the real villain, so Eggrobo is used as a stand-in.'

I would have thought this was false, myself. Isn't Knuckles' story set after Sonic's, hence the missing Death Egg in LBZ/LRZ/HPZ and not to mention Sonic at the end. Seems like a carry on from one of the 'bad endings' in Sonic/Tails' story.


I figure I should clarify what I meant. I removed the following text from the article earlier:

They appear to be amongst the most advanced of the Doctor's animal-containing badniks, capable of piloting the Egg-O-Matic as proficiently as the fat man himself.

Frozen Nitrogen

The problem with this statement is that you're taking a personal, subjective observation--they "appear" to be amongst the "most advanced"--purely based on the fact that a minor change in Knuckles' gameplay replaces the sprite of Eggman whilst fighting bosses as Knuckles. This doesn't inherently imply anything about how "advanced" the technology is; after all, for all you know the badnik could be programmed only to pilot the Egg-O-Matic and nothing else. Since this fact can not be concretely proven through anything else other than subjective interpretation, it makes more sense to leave out. Claims like this have no basis in fact and are only based on your own subjective opinion.

Remember: Sonic Retro is a fact-based encyclopedia--not a work of literature. If you work on avoiding additions such as this, you should do just fine in the future. :) --Tweaker 21:05, 24 June 2009 (CDT)

I bow out and retract my complaining. You are, of course, quite correct.
The Sonic News Network's lawlessness has addled my informational rigour! Frozen Nitrogen 21:39, 24 June 2009 (CDT)