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Weather Mobile
Weather Mobile
Game: Sonic Mania
Level: Studiopolis Zone
Hits to defeat: 8

The Weather Mobile is the third major boss of Sonic Mania, fought at the end of Studiopolis Zone Act 2.


The battle begins when the player enters a room containing a large TV screen. As the screen activates, displaying Egg TV's weather channel, Dr. Eggman flies in from above. Mushroom Hill Zone's Cluckoid appears on the TV to forecast dangerous weather effects which then manifest within the room. There are three different weather effects:

  • Heat: Large headlamps drop down and blaze the room. Some heat is blocked by Eggman, where he floats down, allowing you to attack. When playing as Knuckles, this is the only safe opportunity to attack Eggman as he otherwise hovers too high to be reached with the echidna's reduced jump height. The player can also completely ignore the heat if they have a Fire Shield.
  • Lightning: Three angry clouds show up and attempt to hit the player with lightning. These lightning strikes will do nothing to them if they have a Lightning Shield.
  • Wind: This causes the player to fly towards the ceiling of spikes while Eggman swiftly moves back and forth below them. There are poles at the far edges of the screen that they can grab onto to avoid taking damage. It is possible to jump off the poles to attack Eggman, though doing so almost always results in the player hitting the spikes lining the arena's ceiling unless the jump is timed correctly at the very end of the attack.

Eight successful hits will destroy the Weather Mobile and send Egg TV off-air, after which the Capsule will float down from above the arena and the player can complete the Zone. Afterwards, the station's technical difficulties resolve just in time for a report announcing the return of Eggman's Flying Battery. The player automatically exits the room and grabs hold of the ship, flying their way into the next Zone.

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