Death Egg Robot (Sonic Mania boss)

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Death Egg Robot
Death Egg Robot
Game: Sonic Mania
Level: Green Hill Zone
Hits to defeat: 8

The Death Egg Robot is the first major boss encountered in Sonic Mania, and a revised version of the final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The player confronts it at the end of Green Hill Zone Act 2.


This incarnation of the Death Egg Robot has a very different strategy than its Sonic 2 counterpart; rather than fighting the player in a closed arena, the mech chases the player to the right, where he will eventually be forced into a bottomless pit if he does not defeat the boss in time.

After a short lock-on period, the boss will preform one of two attacks. Its first attack has him jabbing a mechanical arm towards the player for about three seconds. Making contact with the arm's spiked end will cause damage; the rest of the arm can be used as a platform to reach and attack the mech. Alternately, Eggman will shoot a bomb toward Sonic, which explodes shortly after hitting the ground. Safely damaging the mech requires either that Sonic uses its arm as a platform (as mentioned above) or using hills and raised platforms in the terrain to gain enough height to damage the mech (note that the robot destroys any walls it encounters). Dealing six hits causes the robot to begin walking much faster; the eighth hit destroys it, causing it to fall offscreen, blow a hole in the floor under it and destroy any raised platforms on the screen when it touches the ground.

In addition to destroying the floor below it upon defeat, the Death Egg Robot also destroys any portions of foreground plants that happen to be above said floor; this often results in random pieces of these plants being left just outside the area where the mech fell, giving the screen a slightly glitched appearance.

Curiously, the mech's legs deal no damage to the player if they touch them.


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