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An Egg Fighter in Savannah Citadel.
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Egg Fighters are Dr. Eggman's principal robot troopers in Sonic Unleashed.

Unarmed Egg Fighters roam around, approaching Sonic if they spot him. They attack by using a spinning move with their arms outstretched. They resemble a cross between SatAM / Sonic Chronicles' SWATbots and the Egg Pawns from previous Sonic games, while expanding on their arsenal of weaponry and accessories. Even when destroyed, Egg Fighters may keep fighting; some of the robots have modified, autonomous hands, which attack from the wreckage as Little Fighters.

While the vast majority of Egg Fighters are purple-blue, a few red colored units appear in the very first stage, Windmill Isle Day Act 1.

A humanoid robot designed and built by the genius scientist Eggman. This basic model has the most versatile set of features, and was made in the greatest quantity. Its AI is set to seek and destroy any blue hedgehogs in the area.
Its rotund build seems reminiscent of someone...

— Description from the Sonic Unleashed (360) bestiary, entry 001/030

Egg Fighters and their Sword sub-variants reappear in Rooftop Run in HD Sonic Generations.


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