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Killer Bee
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Killer Bee
Game: Sonic Unleashed
Affiliation: Dark Gaia
Hits to defeat: 12 health units (PS2/Wii)
Points: 20 Dark Gaia Force (PS2/Wii)

The Killer Bee (キラー・ビー) is one of the many Dark Gaia's Minions faced in the night stages of Sonic Unleashed.


As the name suggests, Killer Bees are a formidable bee-based foe, though they look more like wasps or yellow jackets. The player can expect to find them in pairs or in large groups like real insects.

These monsters prepare their attack by circling around Sonic, and will then launch themselves stinger-first at him. This is very fast attack that can do a considerable amount of damage. Alternatively, they will repeatedly jab Sonic with a barrage of stings if they are allowed to get close to him. It is also difficult for the player to land a hit on them, as they are prone to dodge their attacks by flying to the side or by flying upward into the air to launch a counterattack. This combined with their fast and painful attacks makes them one of the more dangerous and annoying minions to fight. The best way to take them out is to throw something at them from a distance, like a barrel or a Little Rex.

They also have a stronger variant called Red Killer Bees.

Moves (PS2/Wii)

• Sting: -6 rings/health
• Evade (defensive)


It can be tough to get a fix on these nimble nasties long enough to land an attack.

Let them get close, and they'll make a bee-line for you behind-first, and that's one point you don't want to get. It's safest to throw something at them from afar.

— Encyclopedia, 360/PS3 version

The fastest baddies around, these guys also top the charts for hardest to hit!

Art Gallery, Wii/PS2 version

Step One: Patterns
Night stage foes all have their own behavior patterns. Knowing those can make even tough enemies easy. Try throwing a crate at one of those nimble killer bees!

Secret Document 2 - "Spot the Enemy's Weakness!", PS2/Wii versions



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