Egg Cauldron

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Egg Cauldron
Game: Sonic Unleashed
Level: Tornado Defense

The Egg Cauldron is a flying fortress of sorts, piloted by none other than Dr. Eggman himself. You encounter the Egg Cauldron at the end of the two Tornado Defense acts over Spagonia and Eggmanland in Sonic Unleashed. The Egg Cauldron does not directly attack you, rather it fires missles which must be disposed of via Quick-Time Events. Periodically a chance will be given to damage the Egg Cauldron five times within an unspecified time frame. There is a three minute time limit to defeat The Egg Cauldron. If you lose against the Egg Cauldron you must repeat all of Tornado Defense again.

Eggman's Quotes

  • "GO! Fire all weapons!"
  • "Energy is Critical!"

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