Dark Moray

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Dark Moray
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Dark Moray
Game: Sonic Unleashed
Level: Cool Edge
Fought by: Sonic the Werehog

Dark Moray is a boss in Sonic Unleashed. It is a huge, serpant-like Ice Dragon.

Fighting the Dark Moray is, more or less, the same in both versions. The monster is situated in the center of a raised platform, which is protected by a barrier of energy that prevents you from getting up there. In the Wii/PS2 version, there are four barrier generators situated against the outside of the barrier that you need to destroy to drop the barrier. The generators are always in the same position, but you are constantly hounded by Red Nightmares that are attempting to kill the Werehog (though they prove to be minor annoyances at best). In the 360/PS3 versions, this is, instead, several smaller "mini morays" generating the shield, which increase in number, from three to four to five, as you damage the boss. You need to destroy them to bring down the shield, which is easily done by picking up a nearby cold gas canister & tossing it at the mini moray to freeze it, and then hitting it once to destroy it.

Regardless of how the barrier is taken care of, once it's down you can jump up on the platform to fight the Dark Moray. The large Ice Dragon has several attacks (shared in both versions): An ice beam that leaves behind a trail of ice shards that reduce the room the Werehog can maneuver in (the beam can also freeze the Werehog if it hits him), a body slam attack (which is quite accurate) and a follow-up ground sweep that will knock you off the platform if it connects (but can be jumped over, and moves much slower in the Wii/PS2 version). To damage the Dark Moray, the Werehog needs only to attack the glowing green areas on the monster's body until they pop, at which point the boss will knock you off the platform & regenerate the shield. In the Wii/PS2 version, a few good hits against the monster will cause it to, er, "vomit" out up to three canisters of Cold Gas. You can use this gas to freeze the Dark Moray (which is somewhat ironic, since the monster is an Ice elemental & should be immune to such things), immobilizing it & dropping the defense of it's weak points to almost nothing, making it easier to take out a weak point. This can also be done in the 360/PS3 version, but the canisters are there from the start (however, these canisters will burst in your hands if you hold on to them for too long, causing the Werehog to be frozen momentarily & vulnerable to attack).

After a while, the Dark Moray will start to attack you while you're on the ground with large spheres of ice energy that you need to avoid. The Wii/PS2 versions can be avoided simply by hugging the edge of the raised platform, as the spheres will catch the edge of it & explode harmlessly above you (though leaving behind a spiky ice pillar afterwards), but the 360/PS3 version will hover in the air as it homes in on you, and then drop down quickly once it's over you. This can actually be used to your advantage, as the blasts WILL freeze the mini morays scattered about.

Destroying all three of the weak points will defeat the Dark Moray, and will let Sonic & Chip restore the fourth Chaos Emerald & Continent. Defeating this boss gives the player 1000 Dark Gaia Force in the PS2/Wii versions of the game.



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