Dark Guardian

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Dark Guardian
Dark Guardian
Game: Sonic Unleashed
Level: Arid Sands
Fought by: Sonic the Werehog

Dark Guardian is a boss in Sonic Unleashed.

Depending on your version of the game, the Dark Guardian's battle will be different.

360/PS3 Version

He looks menacingly big when you first see him, then you realize he is actually short for a boss. The arena contians three pushable blocks lined up in the middle, a purple path and ramp at Sonic's end, and a similar blue area with retracting fences at Dark Guardian's side.

Beating him involves pushing differently sized blocks to the far side of the arena. The larger ones cannot be pushed along as quickly as smaller ones. At the far end there is a blue path, which, once a block is successfully pushed upon it, will automatically carry the block up to a raised platform via a slope. Once the block reaches its destination, it disintegrates and triggers a bolt of energy from a strange, veiny mass from a nearby wall, thus hurting Dark Guardian. For every block that Sonic manages to push to the end, a single-button QTE will occur, which can knock some more health from the boss (or Sonic, if the cue is missed). Once all three blocks are pushed to the end, he will be so weak that a single punch will kill him.

Fences on Dark Guardian's side will rise and fall, limiting or changing the possible routes to push a block to the end, and their pattern will become more cumbersome as the battle progresses. Getting poked by the spikes on top of the fences as they come out of the ground, or when attempting to jump over them results in minor damage. Professor Pickle advises, after giving him a certain souvenir, that the smaller and easier to manage blocks should be saved for last. Another tactic is to immediately push all the blocks just up to the blue area during the first phase, while the fences are less of an annoyance. The blocks can then be nudged on to the blue area relatively hassle-free.

During the battle, Dark Guardian will swing his mallet at Sonic if he manages to get close enough, disrupting any block-pushing. Sonic can retaliate by landing a combo on him, thus knocking him out for a short time. One or two Nightmares will also spawn at regular intervals, which will attempt to push any unattended blocks back towards Sonic's side, though nothing seems to happen if the blocks enter the purple area.

Once Dark Guardian is defeated, the fifth continent will be restored with the yellow Chaos Emerald.

Wii/PS2 Version

This version has more of a boss fight with him, and he is much larger than his 360/PS3 counterpart. You have to beat his health to zero to win. Defeating this boss gives the player 1000 Dark Gaia Force.

Watch out for his hammer spins and lightning strikes!


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