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Concept art of Dark Gaia's massive form in the opening sequence.

Dark Gaia is the main antagonist and final boss of Sonic Unleashed.

Dark Gaia was awakened, along with Light Gaia (a.k.a. Chip), when Doctor Eggman split the world apart with the help of the Chaos Emeralds which powered a laser beam he shot into the Earth, therefore splitting it into seven parts (one for each continent, which in turn also means one per emerald) and Dark Gaia escaped through the cracks in the Earth. Because he was awakened too early, Dark Gaia broke apart creating many monsters. A part of him also went inside Sonic's body, which turned him into a Werehog.

By night fall, the people of Earth engage in different behaviors compared to their behaviors during the day as a result of Dark Gaia being released. Some either become depressed or angry. Sonic believes Chip was the reason to why he didn't act any differently during the night, when in reality, it was because of his strong will.

Every few million years, Dark Gaia awakens with Light Gaia. Dark Gaia breaks apart the earth and it's Light Gaia's job to put it all back together again.

Dr. Eggman wanted to use Dark Gaia to help build his Eggman Empire. But, unlike any of Eggman's former allies (Chaos, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Jet, Nega, take your pick) Dark Gaia betrayed him before he even started working with him. As soon as he got the order from Eggman to "Kick the little runt to the edge of the solar system" he then proceeded in actually attempting it with the madman himself instead of Sonic!


Dark Gaia
Game: Sonic Unleashed
Level: Eggmanland
Fought by: Sonic and Gaia Colossus

Defeating Dark Gaia takes place in three parts. The first phase in the 360/PS3 version has the player using the Gaia Colossus (created by Chip with the 7 Temples which housed the de-powered Chaos Emeralds) pursuing Dark Gaia and avoiding/blocking the attacks he'll throw at you, such as Meteors and a huge energy beam. Once you reach him, you must attack Dark Gaia through Quick-Time Events. The Wii/PS2 version has you fighting Dark Gaia in gameplay similar to that of "Punch-Out" by throwing punches and avoiding Dark Gaia attacks.

The second part (same for both the 360/PS3 version and the Wii/PS2 version) is playing as Sonic by racing along the body of the Gaia Colossus before jumping off a ramp and following a QTE. This must be done three times, each time for one of Dark Gaia's three eyes.

The third part is fighting him as Super Sonic after he transforms into Perfect Dark Gaia.This part is tricky, because players have to make sure they don't burn out their rings, but it requires 10 rings to perform an attack, and, attacks are not always successful, because Dark Gaia is throwing meteors at the player as he is attacking. The term for attacking(as Chip explains) is a "Super Sonic Boost."

After Dark Gaia was defeated, he sunk into the center of the earth. Professor Pickle notes that Dark Gaia wasn't destroyed, but merely laid to rest.


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