Metal Sonic 3.0

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Metal Sonic 3.0

First Seen: Sonic Rivals 2 (2007)

  • Species: Robot
  • Gender: N/A
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 100 cm (3'3")
  • Weight: 125.2kg (276 lbs)

Metal Sonic 3.0 is a robotic copy of Sonic constructed by Eggman Nega. The one appreciable difference between 3.0 and Ivo Robotnik's original Metal Sonic is its colour scheme, which is black and yellow, mimicking the trim colours on Nega's outfit. Debuting in Sonic Rivals 2, 3.0 was dispatched by its creator through the dimensional portal to Chaotic Inferno Zone, under orders to awaken the Ifrit.

Depending on the story mode selected, Metal Sonic 3.0 races either Shadow, Silver, Espio, or the original (blue) Metal Sonic through Chaotic Inferno Zone. When the player reaches the last boss, 3.0 tries to stop them from destroying the Ifrit and attacks. After the Ifrit's defeat, 3.0's fate is unknown; it was either destroyed or trapped in the Ifrit's dimension.

Why Version Three?

While 3.0 seems to be a random version of the Metal Sonic model Eggman Nega uses, some possible insight is provided by the first Sonic Rivals game. Metal Sonic is first encountered in Sky Park, and then again in Death Yard. While in disguise as Dr. Eggman, Eggman Nega tells Sonic that the Death Yard Metal Sonic is in fact "a new model" programmed with all the data from the Sky Park battles. While that Metal Sonic model would be a hindrance throughout the remainder of the game, it would likely have been updated after Eggman Nega escaped his card prison, hence "version 3.0".

Of course, Eggman Nega is far from honest. Its quite hard to know if he's ever telling the truth!


  • Sonic himself has never encountered Metal Sonic 3.0.
  • While 3.0's age is unknown, the earliest he can have been constructed is just after Sonic Rush, this being the first time Nega encountered Sonic.
  • In Sonic Rivals 2, 3.0's character graphic is in fact just Metal Sonic's with a different colour scheme. Indeed, the game's collectable card #9 unlocks the "Mach3.0 Suit" for Metal Sonic, giving him 3.0's paint job.
  • Rivals 2 also allows the unlocking of a "Mach2.0 Suit", although no "Metal Sonic 2.0" is ever mentioned in the game. This suit is simply the "Leather" suit from the first game.