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Sonic Rivals
Publisher: Sega
System(s): PlayStation Portable
Genre: 2.5D Platformer
Release Date RRP Code
Sony PlayStation Portable
2006-11-14  ? ULUS-10195
Sony PlayStation Portable
2006-12-01  ? ULES-00622


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Sonic Rivals is a game in the Sonic series, developed by Backbone Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation Portable. This is the first Sonic game to be developed by a Canadian company, and the first to be released on the PSP.

It features 2.5D gameplay, as players scramble to reach the end of a level before the other players do (whether they are computer-controlled or live opponents). It otherwise plays very much like the older titles in the series.

Sonic Rivals starts as a competition between Sonic and Knuckles, but expands as further rivals get added to the mix, including Shadow, Silver, and Metal Sonic.


There are 7 types of power-ups, fire, ice, mine, illusion, wind, ring magnet, and star. The effects of each one are different for each character, though generally have similar outcomes. For example: the Fire power-up gives the character a fire attack, the Ice power-up gives the character an ice attack, and the Star power-up gives the character a special attack specific to that character. The game features a revamped power-up system, including both offensive and defensive abilities.

Single player consists of a Story Mode, in which each of the four playable characters have separate story lines, and must race each other to the finish line in each stage in order to thwart Doctor Eggman's various schemes. Multiplayer mode is played ad-hoc, and players can customize their racers using collectible cards won in Single player, trade cards with friends, and wager cards on races.

Boss battles at the end of levels require you to not only defeat the boss, but also prevent your opponents from defeating it before you. Badniks are featured as enemies, though some are similar to those of Sonic Heroes.

Performing objectives throughout the game will give you collectible cards. Such tasks include getting a certain number of rings, hitting your rival a certain number of times and getting to the goal within a certain amount of time. Rivals features an extensive collectible card system that spans a total of 150 cards, featuring cameo appearances of robots, major characters, minor characters, box covers, and items from past Sonic games such as Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure, Shadow the Hedgehog, and even dating back to the original Sonic the Hedgehog. The cards themselves are used to unlock secret costumes for the characters among other things.


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Voice Actors

English Voice Actor Character(s)
Jason Griffith Sonic the Hedgehog/Shadow the Hedgehog
Dan Green Knuckles the Echidna
Pete Capella Silver the Hedgehog
Mike Pollock Doctor Eggman/Eggman Nega
Amy Palant Miles "Tails" Prower
Lisa Ortiz Amy Rose
Kathleen Delaney Rouge the Bat

Production Credits

Project Director: Takashi Iizuka
Project Associate Producer: Keith Palmer
Art Supervisors: Kazuyuki Hoshino, Hiroshi Nishiyama
Sound Supervisor: Jun Senoue
Concept Design & Scenario: Takashi Iizuka
Character Artwork: Kazuyuki Hoshino

Backbone Entertainment Vancouver

Producer: Taylor Miller
Lead Engineer: Peter Phillips
Lead Designer: Tyler Sigman
Lead Artist: Chris Bourassa
Senior Designer: Derek Tam
Lead Level Designer: Eric Emery
Lead Level Artist: Mabel Chan
Effects Artist and Animation Coordinator: Daniel Lam
Technical Artist: Eric Ronay
Lead Animator: Karen Matskiw-Rodriguez
Associate Producer: Zoë Curnoe
Engineers: Aaron Koenig, Brian Provinciano, Chuck Chow, Clinton Blackmore, Devin Murnane, Francois Laberge, Greg Wilson, Jim Lao, Kelvin Tang, Luke Huang, Melina Eby, Richard Orth, Erwin Tang, Marcel Barker, Pete Thompson
Designers: Cory Hasselbach, Kyle Mohammed, Nick Letizia, Richard Knight
Artists: Aaron Parrott, Beth Dewhirst, Brent Kirby, Erik Larsson, John Mah, Kate Freeman, Kim Sawula, Shane Holmes
Animators: Chun Sin Loh, Duncan Lin
Front End Artist: Mark Pearce
Additional Design Assistance: Josh Zisserson, Michael K. Donovan
Studio Quality Assurance: Tom "MrLuigi" McGarry
Testing Provided by QA Labs: Justin Bruckal, Chris Love
Music Composition: Chris Rezanson
Sound Effects Design: OMNI Interactive Audio, Alistair Hirst, Robert Ridihalgh, Daylon Walden, Tom Smurdon, Chase Combs, Lisa Elliott Cobb
Senior Producer: Ivan Allan
Assistant Producer: Jarett Metcalfe
Studio Head: Joe Bonar
Technical Director: George Phillips
Creative Director: Trent Ward
Art Director: Ryan Slemko
Business Development: Jim Sink

Backbone Entertainment Emeryville

Senior Engineer (CORE Engine Team): Ian McLean
Senior Engineers (Reaper Engine Team): David Aldridge, Issac Bender, Tanio Klyce, Peter Phillips
Engineers: Rocco Balsamo, Dan Halpern, Benn Herrera, Chris Marsh, Ian Sherman, J. Wilburn
Senior Technical Artist: Norm Badillo
Technical Artists: Mike Badillo, Glen McKnight, Justin Rosenthal-Kambis
Senior Designer: Aaron Keppel
Design-Scripting: Chris Opdahl, Marty Newcomb, Joe Morrissey, Dan Miller
Technical Director: David R. Sullivan
Creative Director: Micah Russo
Studio Head: Mike Mika
COO: Larry Kelly
Senior Producer: Steven Kovensky
PR/Marketing: Nicole Tanner (Communications Manager), Sandra Lew (Communications Assistant)

Sega of America, Inc. Staff Credits

CEO: Naoya Tsurumi
President/COO: Simon Jeffery
VP of Product Development: David Cobb
Associate Producer: Jason Kuo
Technical Director: Jez Sherlock
VP Marketing: Scott Steinberg
VP Sales: Sue Hughes-Taigen
Director of Marketing: Don Mesa
Product Manager: Yosuke Moriya
PR: Dana Whitney (One PR)
Creative Services: Jen Groeling, Heather Luchetti Bridget Oates
Head of Operations: Tom Dudley
Online: Chris Olson, Michael Dobbins
Mastering Lab: Rey Buzon, Andrew Byrne, Rhianna Kellom
Production Specialist: Heather Lucchetti
Graphic Designer: Marco Garcia
QA Manager: Deni Skeens
QA Supervisor: Joshua Morton
Senior Test Lead: Shawn Dobbins
Assistant Leads: Michael Baldwin, Anthony Banks, Ben Seto
Testers: Alice Grunstra, Amber Crouch, Christian Sutton, Dane Day, Emily Sheafe, Fernando Arce, Gabriel Parulis, Jacob Holub, Jeremy Bell, Loren Watson, Marvin Hom, Terence Destouet, Tim Erbil, Teresa Guest, Tony Sato
Compliancy Test Lead: Stephen Akana
Compliancy Assistant Lead: Lawrence Mann
Compliancy Testers: Steve Fleming, Joe Floyd, Jason Mahar

Sega of Europe Limited Staff Credits

CEO: Naoya Tsurumi
President/COO: Mike Hayes
Development Director: Gary Dunn
Creative Director: Matt Woodley
Director of European Marketing: Gary Knight
Head of External Development: Jim Woods
Head of Development - Localization: Kuniyo Matsumoto
Localization Producer: Ben Barker
Director of Brand Marketing: David Miller
European PR: Lynn Daniel, Kerry Martyn, Alistair Hatch
Senior Brand Manager: Mark Fisher
Assistant Brand Manager: Claire Brummell, Michele Dix
International Brand Manager: Ben Chalmers-Stevens
Publishing Manager: Nathalie Ransom
Head of UK Marketing: Tina Hicks
UK Product Manager: Grant Gie
UK PR Manager: Stef McGarry
UK Trade Marketing Manager: Clare Davis
Legal Counsel: Nicola Steel, Mark Bennett
Licensing Manager: Nivine Emeran
Operations: Mark Simmons, Caroline Searle, Natalie Cooke, Michelle Blake
Creative Services: Tom Bingle, Alison Warfield, Morgan Gibbons, Akane Hiraoka, Arnoud Tempelaere
Head of Online Services: Justin Moodie
Online Marketing Manager: Mike Evans
Online Development Manager: Nina Ahmad
Online Creative Manager: Bennie Booyson
Web Designer: Bennie Booyson
Head of Development Services: Mark Le Breton
Localization Manager: Marta Lois González
Localization Coordinator: Giuseppe Rizzo
Translators: Daniela Kaynert, Brigitte Nadesan, Maria Chironi, Luis Paredes Gómez, Jay Bannmüller, Antonella Marras, Carole Kunzelman, Antonio Catanese, Sebàstian Pérez Salguero
Mastering Group: John Hegarty, Roy Boateng, Jigar Patel
QA Supervisors: Marlon Grant, Stuart Arrowsmith, Julie Metior
Senior Team Lead: George Cover
Assistant Team Lead: Mark Cant
Testers: Leon Stuart, Kasim Rehman, Jamie Bailey, Colin Blenman, Lee Heir, Michael Husbands
Standards Coordinator: Mohammed Ajaib
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Standards Testers: Peter Leung, Shiva Allari, Nicky Koetze
Language Coordinators: Jean Baptiste-Bagot, Sven Wittmaack
Language Testers: Stephane Ramael, Joe Hellman Juan Perez
Special Thanks to: David Allen

4 Kids Production, Inc.

Voice Directors: Christopher Collet, Julie Rath
Production Coordinator: Salvatore Oppedisano
Recording Engineers: Suzy Goldish, Paul Grassini, Mike Knoblauch, Alon Namdar, Questar Welsh

Special Thanks: Tom Zuber, Matt Osness, Bob Baffy, Jessica Sigman, Darren Tarnoff, Paul and David Chan, Lily, Kitty Tang, Marty Hasselbach, Carla St. Pierre, Tara Mustapha, Mary Jane, Teruko Mizuki, Audrey Bourassa, Lisa Poh, NeoGaf, Andrea, Tony Rodriguez, Lindsay Morris, Matthew Fortini, Geraldine Kor, Kim Keskinen, Conner Fan, Carlin, Nicole, Karl and Natalie, Coleco and Brooke, Brynn, Beejey Enriquez, Mina Provonsha, Aya Takeuchi, Lee Brotherton (Remix Factory), Sonic Committee
Presented by: Sega Corporation

Off Base Productions

Manual Documentation: Greg Off

Option-Shift Design

Manual Design: Tim Lindquist (a.s.h.)


Physical scans

PlayStation Portable, US
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PlayStation Portable, US (Greatest Hits)
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PlayStation Portable, UK
Rivals PSP UK cover.jpg
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SonicRivals PSP UK manual.pdf
PlayStation Portable, UK (Platinum)
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PlayStation Portable, UK (PSP Essentials)
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Sonic Rivals

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