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The following are instruction manuals for Sonic Rivals.


English story from US and UK manuals

File:SonicRivals PSP US manual.pdf A mysterious land mass called "Onyx Island" suddenly appears in the south seas as if out of nowhere... The super-fast blue hedgehog, Sonic, and his best buddy Tails head off to search for clues as to what might have transpired.

"This has gotta be another of Eggman's schemes!"

Sonic's hunch proves to be correct. As soon as they arrive at the island, they spot Dr. Eggman already waiting for them. As Sonic confronts Eggman, he triumphantly holds up a card. Sonic and Tails are shocked to see that the card bears a picture of their friend, Amy Rose.

"Do you know what this is, Sonic?"

"I've sealed that little brat away inside this card!"

"Ha! Do you really think we'll believe that?"

While Sonic simply brushes off Eggman's supposedly ridiculous story, the more scientifically-minded Tails takes things more seriously.

"It might not be all that easy to believe, but it could be possible for matter to be broken down at the atomic level and stored as digital card media..."

As Tails' quavering voice reaches Sonic's ears, there is a sudden blinding flash, and when it fades, Tails is gone. In Eggman's hand is a new card bearing Tails' image. Sonic stares in panicked disbelief. Then, who should appear but Knuckles, Sonic's more "physically assertive" friend.

"Eggman! You're behind the disappearance of the Master Emerald, aren't you?!" Knuckles says.


Eggman smiles, drawing from his bag another card, emblazoned with the Master Emerald.

"Soon, everything in this world will be nothing more than another entry in my lovely card collection! If you think you can take your precious things back, then just you try it! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

After issuing his challenge, Eggman takes off and flies away.

Sonic and Knuckles vow to take him up on that challenge in order to take back what is in those cards.

"Sorry, Sonic, but this concerns the Master Emerald. This time, I'M going in first!"

"Okay, Knuckles! Let's just see which one of us gets there first!"

At the same time, the mysterious black hedgehog, Shadow, arrives on Onyx Island, along with Silver, a guardian from the future, both seeking Eggman's cards.

Who will be the one to get the cards back from Eggman first? What is Eggman's true purpose in baiting these four to compete?


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