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Meteor Base Zone
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Meteor Base Zone
Sixth Zone, Sonic Rivals
Number of Acts: 2 + Boss
Level themes: Death Egg, lava/volcano
Boss: Egg Destroyer
Death Yard Zone

Meteor Base Zone is the sixth and final level of Sonic Rivals for the PlayStation Portable. An orbital station complex spread over an asteroid field, the Zone contains two Acts plus a boss fight at the end. Unlike the rest of Sonic Rivals (which takes place on Onyx Island), this Zone is located in space high above Sonic's world.


After his Egg Kong is defeated in Death Yard Zone, Eggman Nega's patience finally snaps; he declares that, instead of trying to change the past, he'll simply destroy it, by turning his camera on the planet itself. After pointlessly fighting each other across Onyx Island, in Meteor Base Zone the three hedgehogs and an echidna finally agree to team up in order to stop Nega's crazed plan. Sonic and Knuckles arrive on the base by flying in Tails' new Tornado; Shadow and Silver hitch a lift in the real Eggman's spaceship.

At the core of the base lies the Egg Destroyer, which Nega intends to use in order to fire his camera at the planet. Before setting off, he rants to Shadow about his antipathy towards the real Eggman: "I come from a long line of brilliant scientists, but that lineage was disrupted by Dr. Eggman's failures! As a result, I have been denied my destiny as the world has refused to recognize my brilliance! So by removing Dr. Eggman's life and failed attempts at success, I will alter our family history forever!" This is seen as a continuity problem in many respects, as it apparently contradicts Nega's origin as described in the Sonic Rush, where he is a dimensional counterpart of Eggman rather than a family descendant.


Presumably Eggman Nega's own extraterrestrial fortress, warped into the past along with Onyx Island, Meteor Base is an orbital mining / manufacturing complex, smelting down space rocks to provide minerals for the Doctor's schemes. The track takes characters through the inner modules of the asteroid complex, riding on blasts from cooling fans and leaping over giant vats of molten metal; and across the outside of the facility, down canyons cut into the crimson meteors.

When played in Story Mode, the player will not be racing against another character, but instead must reach the end of each Act within a time limit. Other characters will show up, but will instead help the player at specific points.

Act composition

ACT Sonic Knuckles Shadow Silver
Act 1 with Knuckles with Sonic with Silver with Shadow
Act 2 with Shadow with Silver with Sonic with Knuckles
Boss vs Metal Sonic vs Metal Sonic vs Metal Sonic vs Metal Sonic


Not much is known about Dr. Eggman's top-secret base hidden deep within a meteor shower, but you can bet it's filled with hot, bubbling molten lava and some of Eggman's fiercest robot goons.

Sonic Rivals US manualMedia:SonicRivals PSP US manual.pdf[1]


Egg Pawn — Eggman's common footsoldier.
Cannon Flapper — Flying grunt, outfitted with homing missiles.
Drill Worm — Worm bot armed with drills.


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