Crystal Mountain Zone

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Crystal Mountain Zone
Crystal Mountain Zone.png
Crystal Mountain Zone
Fourth level, Sonic Rivals
Number of Acts: 2 + Boss
Level theme: winter
Boss: Egg Lynx
Sky Park Zone | Death Yard Zone

Crystal Mountain Zone is the fourth level of Sonic Rivals for the PSP. Snowy peaks adorned with huge crystals of multicoloured ice, the Zone contains two Acts plus a boss fight at the end. As with most of Sonic Rivals, the Zone is located on Onyx Island: which is Angel Island from the future, warped to Sonic's time by Eggman Nega.

Freezing crags and bluffs cut through by rocky chasms and chill rivers, Crystal Mountain Zone includes a lot of vertical maneuvering, hopping out of caves on ladders of springs or blasting back down through Holoska-style ice-walls. Frozen grottoes below the surface house spiky sculptures of red and violet ice, while yeti-Badniks patrol between cryogenic geysers in the blizzards outside.


Pondering "Eggman"'s cryptic words about Angel Island after Sky Park Zone, Knuckles runs into Shadow. The black hedgehog boasts that he's not as clueless as Knuckles regarding the scientist's next location, so the two of them race off through Crystal Mountain. When they finally chase down "Eggman", the Doctor reveals to Shadow that he has a card containing Dr. Eggman, before attacking in the Egg Lynx.

Silver, meanwhile, is trying to understand how "Eggman" learned to operate the card-forming camera. Sonic claims he's figured out the scientist's next move - but can Silver keep up with him? At the boss, Sonic demands that "Eggman" hands over Tails card, while Silver finally puts two and two together, figuring out that their enemy must really be Nega.

Act Composition

ACT Sonic Knuckles Shadow Silver
Act 1 vs Silver vs Shadow vs Knuckles vs Sonic
Act 2 vs Silver vs Shadow vs Knuckles vs Sonic
Boss vs Silver vs Shadow vs Knuckles vs Sonic


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