Egg Falcon

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Egg Falcon
Game: Sonic Rivals
Hits to defeat: 6

The Egg Falcon is the second boss of Sonic Rivals. At the end of the Colosseum Highway Zone, "Dr. Eggman" attacks in a giant mechanical falcon.

The battle takes place amid a circular field with floating platforms. As the Egg Falcon flies around the field, it drops various bombs. These bombs will either set the platforms on fire, freeze them, or shrink them. If a player jumps on a burning platform, he is instantly damaged. If he jumps on a frozen platform, he's instantly frozen.

Occasionally, the Egg Falcon will lower itself to striking range above the top platforms. Players must make their way to these higher platforms, and attack the falcon's cockpit before it raises itself out of reach.

The first player to accumulate six hits wins the battle, and the boss is destroyed.


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