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In the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Doctor Eggman (or Dr. Robotnik in the early western version) has created many robots. The designation E-series gained prominence after the release of the video game Sonic Adventure, superseding the term "badnik" which had been used to describe Eggman's animal-style robots previously in most continuities. Presumably, the "E" stands for "Eggman", though this is not known for certain.

E-102 Gamma, an E-series bot from Sonic Adventure.

Sonic Adventure Robots

The first use of the term E-models was in Sonic Adventure. Although most often connected with the E-100 Series of gunner robots that were prominent in that game (see below), other minor robots were also considered E-models. They are listed here.

E-100 Series

Main article: E-100 Series

Unlike many of Eggman's robots, in Sonic Adventure or previous games, the E-100 series were important characters in their own right. They were gunner robots, still in the developmental stages. The most prominent was E-102 Gamma, who was a playable character during the game.

Main E-100 Series robots from Sonic Adventure include:

On Sonic X, Beta replaced much of Zeta's role. So much, in fact, that Zeta only appears on the show in Episode 31, "Revenge of the Robot", when Gamma comes to the Hot Shelter to destroy him.

Sonic Adventure 2 Robots

An E-1000 in Egg Quarters.

Further E-series robots appeared in the game Sonic Adventure 2. Notably, the E-1000 was an upgrade of E-102 Gamma, though in this game it served as a normal badnik-style enemy and has two cannon arms instead of one machine gun arm and one normal arm.

  • E-20 Kiki - a monkey robot that throws bombs.
  • E-31 Gola - red sphere robots with flames floating around them.
  • E-32 Unidus - black sphere bots with spiked balls floating around them
  • E-1000 - The E-1000 models resembled E-102 Gamma with two cannon arms. They shoot like crazy and seem to lack any higher awareness.

Other Games

Sonic Heroes Robots

Sonic Battle

Sonic Riders

E-10000G in Sonic Riders.

Sonic Riders included the E-10000 series; two of which, E-10000R and E-10000G, were unlockable playable characters.

  • E-10000R - A red humanoid robot wearing what appears to be a baseball cap
  • E-10000G - A green version of E-10000R
  • E-10000Y - A maintenance robot in Ice Factory
  • E-10000P - Purple robots seen on a production line in Egg Factory

Sonic X Robots

Several robots, supposedly from the E-Series, appeared in the television series Sonic X. However, since Sonic X occurs in a slightly different continuity from the games, they cannot necessarily be considered canon. They are as follows:

  • E-11 Beacon - Sonic X Episodes 4 & 12
  • E-12 Dreamer - Sonic X Episode 28
  • E-13 Guardbot - Sonic X Episode 1
  • E-14 Sneezer - Sonic X Episode 1
  • E-18 Guerra-Hard - Sonic X Episode 13
  • E-21 Ballion - Sonic X Episode 10: Baseball Bots
  • E-23 Missile Wrist - Sonic X Episode 3
  • E-35 Funfun - Sonic X Episode 12
  • E-38 Octoron - Sonic X Episode 9
  • E-39 Quizon - Sonic X Episode 9
  • E-40 Egg Fortress - Sonic X Episode 15
  • E-42 Torole - Sonic X Episode 15
  • E-43 Falcon - Sonic X Episode 15
  • E-45 Sumo - Sonic X Episode 21
  • E-47 Pumpty - Sonic X Episode 5
  • E-51 Intelligente - Sonic X Episode 6
  • E-57 Clurken - Sonic X Episode 16
  • E-65 Gorru-Gaooh - Sonic X Episode 18
  • E-66 Da-Dai-Oh - Sonic X Episode 22
  • E-70 Noizi - Sonic X Episode 11
  • E-74 Weazo - Sonic X Episode 23
  • E-77 Lucky - Sonic X Episode 25
  • E-88 Lightning Bird - Sonic X Episode 24
  • E-90 Super Sweeper - Sonic X Episode 5
  • E-91 Lady Ninja - Sonic X Episode 17
  • E-99 Eggsterminator/Egg Fort 2 - Sonic X Episode 26

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