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Solaris, the Flame of Hope
First seen: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Species: Demigod
Gender: None, referred to as male
Age: Transcendental
Height: Variable, but generally large

Solaris is the sun god of Soleanna and the final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog. Capable of devouring the fabric of time itself, Solaris is debatably the most powerful single entity ever seen within the Sonic games' storyline. According to Eggman at the End of the World, Solaris (like the Master Emerald) is a "transcendental" phenomenon, existing simultaneously throughout all regions of time. During the story of Sonic '06, Solaris is accidentally split into two component entities: Iblis, a semi-sentient fire being, and Mephiles, a malevolent and scheming black fog. Much of the game relates to Mephiles' (eventually successful) efforts to re-fuse with his other half and become Solaris once again.

Solaris' forms

The Flame of Hope
Before the unfortunate scissioning within the Solaris Project, Solaris existed as nothing more than a pearly, flickering flame, kept safe within the bowels of the Soleanna royal palace in Kingdom Valley. It is this form which the Duke experimented on, and to which Solaris returns again during the cutscene at the very end of the game.

Mephiles and Iblis
The Solaris Project, intended to allow the Duke of Soleanna to control time, ended in disaster with a "spatial meltdown", splitting the Flame of Hope into Iblis and Mephiles the Dark. Iblis appears to be a manifestation of Solaris' raw destructive power, while Mephiles is the conscious mind and will. Shortly after their creation in Aquatic Base, the entities were sealed away by Shadow and Silver; Mephiles inside the Scepter of Darkness, and Iblis bound to Princess Elise's soul.

Boss fight phase 1
During the final fight against Solaris, its first form is that of an incandescent, vaguely half-humanoid figure, with rocky cladding on its arms. It is this form which begins devouring reality after Mephiles completes his scheme, and brings about the End of the World.

Boss fight phase 2
After taking damage from Super Sonic, Super Silver, and Super Shadow, Solaris transforms into its final form: a hawk-like, skeletal apparition, recognizable from the Soleanna royal crest. The glowing red sphere at its core represents Solaris' consciousness.

Boss Fight

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
06 Solaris.png
06 Solaris2.png
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game)
Level: End of the World
Fought by: Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver

After the other characters have successfully gathered the seven Chaos Emeralds at the End of the World, the recently-deceased Sonic is brought back to life from his untimely spike through the heart. Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Super Silver then fly off to battle the transcendental Solaris.

As with Sonic Adventure 2's Finalhazard, the last boss of Sonic '06 allows button-press switching between the golden hedgehogs. In Solaris' first incarnation, the player must first attack with Super Silver, using psychokinesis to hurl the thrown rocks back and break the armour off the boss' left arm; Super Sonic and Super Shadow's attacks are ineffective to begin with. Once one arm is unshielded, Super Shadow's powered-up Chaos Spear can damage the other limb. Finally, Super Sonic can charge at Solaris' core to finish off the health bar.

After its first form is defeated, Solaris takes on a final shape, recognizable as the creature from the Soleanna royal crest. Curiously, this iteration requires less tactical switching between the three super characters, as it is vulnerable to attacks from all the hedgehogs, all the time. However, Solaris fights back with significantly more vigour in this form, throwing out energy beams with reckless abandon that can knock rings even out of super forms. Avoid remaining in one spot, and make sure to switch characters in plenty of time before the ring count dwindles to zero.

Solaris' defeat spirits Elise and Sonic back to before the destruction of the Solaris Project. After some contemplation, Elise chooses to blow out the tiny flame that was Solaris and thus change history by erasing it (and thus all the events of Sonic '06) from existence.


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