Marine the Raccoon

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Marine the Raccoon

First Seen: Sonic Rush Adventure (2007)

  • Species: Raccoon
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 7
  • Height: 75 cm (2'6")
  • Weight: "Hey! I don't hear such questions!"

Marine the Raccoon is an excitable young resident of Southern Island, and Sonic and Tails' first ally when they are transported into the home dimension of Blaze the Cat. Her sole video game appearance to date is in Sonic Rush Adventure for the Nintendo DS, although she is not a playable character. Marine aspires to be a swashbuckling sea captain one day, and insists on treating Sonic, Tails, and even Blaze as her "crew" throughout the game. Her peculiar manner of speaking is dominated by stereotypical Australian slang. Her page on Sonic Channel indicates that she is unexpectedly a neat freak.

In Sonic Rush Adventure

Marine welcomes Sonic to the Sol dimension by poking him in the head with a stick as he and Tails lie comatose in the surf on Seagull Beach. After allowing the inter-dimensional travelers to stay at her house in Windmill Village while they get their bearings, Sonic and Tails end up embroiled in Marine's efforts to build her own water ski, the SS Marine. Much to her own frustration, the raccoon is not a particularly competent artificer, so Tails offers to take a look at her book on shipbuilding while Sonic goes to Whale Point to gather the necessary materials. The result is the Wave Cyclone, the first vessel of the game, which Sonic, Tails, and Marine use to reach Plant Kingdom.

Intermittently traveling with the heroes throughout the game as they battle Captain Whisker across the seas, Marine is also instrumental in the final battle against the Egg Wizard in Deep Core, distracting Eggman and Nega just long enough for Super Sonic to deliver the final attack. In the ending sequence as the heroes prepare to go back to to their own world, a teary Marine vows to become a great captain before she sees them again.

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