Southern Island

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Southern Island
Central hub Zone, Sonic Rush Adventure
Level themes: tropical island, ocean
Played as: Sonic

Southern Island is the central hub location in the game Sonic Rush Adventure. It is here that Sonic can access watercraft, time attack modes, a tutorial stage, the final boss, and more.


Sonic and Tails wash up on Southern Island's beach after traveling to Blaze's dimension through a large twister. They are found and awoken by Marine the Raccoon, who introduces Sonic and Tails to the concept of Materials, which can be used to build the watercraft piloted in the game. Southern Island acts as Sonic and company's base of operations throughout the game, from which they travel to increasingly distant islands.

Southern Island again becomes the focus of the story after Captain Whisker is defeated at Big Swell. Just off the Southern Island's coast, Doctor Eggman and Eggman Nega reveal themselves as those behind the events of the game, and declare their intentions to steal the Jeweled Scepter and control the Power of the Stars. Sonic, Blaze, Tails and Marine pursue them by drilling into Southern Island's volcano in the Magma Hurricane. After the Egg Wizard is destroyed, Sonic and Tails say goodbye to Blaze and Marine at Southern Island's docks before returning home in the SS Tornado EX.

As Sonic Rush Adventure's optional missions are completed, members of the Coconut Crew scattered throughout Southern Island will present the player with unlockables, including additional scenery for Southern Island itself.


Sonic navigates Southern Island by selecting specific locales on a selection screen, using the stylus or D-pad to toggle between locales and stylus taps or the A button to choose locales. Once a locale is selected, the player is given control of Sonic, using the stylus or D-pad to move about and stylus taps or the A button to interact with other characters, objects and watercraft. The player can go back to the selection screen by moving Sonic to the exit of each locale (a doorway or an open area).

  • Windmill Village is the small community on the island, which contains Marine's house. In Marine's house, Marine will give the player missions to complete in the game's levels and boss stages, Tails instructs Sonic to gather Material in order to construct watercraft and whatnot, Setter allows the player to toggle the game's options, and machines grant the player to access time attack and versus modes.
  • Whale Point, to the upper right of Windmill Village on the Southern Island select screen, is a tutorial stage in which Sonic collects his first Material in order to build the Wave Cyclone.
  • Just down from Windmill Village are the docks where the Wave Cyclone is accessed. Kylok is here, and lets you rewatch cutscenes.
  • A quick jiffy to the left of the Wave Cyclone is Seagull Beach. This is where Sonic and Tails washed up on the shore to be found by Marine; she says that she named the place on account of all the birds. Revisiting the beach after beating Big Swell, Sonic can meet up with the musician Muzy, who acts as the game's sound test.
  • The lower-right corner of Southern Island contains the wharf where the Ocean Tornado is located. Norman the Viking is here and allows the player to engage in especially challenging watercraft missions, as well as Gardon, who will inform the player of available Sol Emeralds that Blaze may gather.
  • On the lower-left corner of Southern Island is the building where the idle Aqua Blast is stored. Daikun hangs around here, and offers to pretty Southern Island up with dinosaurs, palm trees, sea life, and other exotic organisms for a fee, in rings.
  • Just a smidgen up from the Aqua Blast is the tower where the Deep Typhoon awaits deep-sea action. Colonel lounges about here, and has got some flags, balloons, statues, and other frivolities of civilization to clutter up the island paradise. Like Daikun before him, Colonel doesn't charge his wares cheap.
  • After gathering all of the Chaos and Sol Emeralds, the Magma Hurricane, stationed in the volcano up from Windmill Village, becomes available to take the player to the final boss fight against the Egg Wizard.


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