Metal Knuckles

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Metal Knuckles

First Seen: Sonic R (1997)

  • Species: Robot
  • Gender: None (attributed as Male)
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 110 cm (3'7")*
  • Weight: Unknown
Not to be confused with Mecha Knuckles of Sonic Advance or from the Archie series.
For the scener, see User:Metal Knuckles.

Metal Knuckles is an artificial copy of Knuckles the Echidna created by Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, and appears as an unlockable character in Sonic R. Much like Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles was created with the intention that it would destroy its biological counterpart.

Sonic Channel featured Japanese language profiles of the Sonic R characters; translated, Metal Knuckles' is as follows:

Metal Knuckles

As with Sonic, Eggman prepared this secret weapon for the sake of overthrowing Knuckles, considering his existence to be a hindrance. Having the same power plant as Metal Sonic, speed and acceleration power are high, but like Knuckles, this robot can glide from high places.

[Appearance requirements] Collect 5 tokens in Reactive Factory in Grand Prix mode and finish better than fourth place to begin a one-on-one match with Metal Knuckles. Win this race and Metal Knuckles will become a possible choice on the character select screen.

Key Advice:

  • Low turning ability. To turn without losing control, you must decelerate.
  • Due to inertia, traveling on water is possible. Falling in the water may cause Metal Knuckles to become confused.
  • From a high place, aim at a shortcut without pausing.

—Sonic Channel

Metal Knuckles is often cited as the second-best racer in Sonic R, consistently beaten only by Super Sonic. Along with Metal Sonic and Tails Doll, Metal Knuckles completes Sonic R's set of artificial copies for Team Sonic. The robot's debut is his only appearance to date.


  • While Metal Knuckles has no listed height data, he is likely the same height as his organic counterpart. This is based on the fact that both Sonic and Metal Sonic have a shared height, and the classic heights of both of those characters have been retconned to match the modern ones.

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