Burning Blaze

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Burning Blaze

First Seen: Sonic Rush (2005)


Burning Blaze is the name of the Super-like state that Blaze the Cat enters at the end of Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure. Blaze achieves this form by using the power of the seven Sol Emeralds. The name "Burning Blaze" is confirmed by Sonic Rush Adventure's Sound Test. It is possible that this form may be officially referred to as a "Burning State" due to use of another set of emeralds.

While transformed, Blaze's lavender fur becomes pink, and the red highlights on her ponytail disappear (they turn pink as well). In a first for emerald powered forms, Blaze's clothes also change color. Her purple cape becomes red, and its pink rim becomes gold. Blaze's cuffs also burn with a pink fire, and she is surrounded by an aura of fire. The name "Burning Blaze" may thus indicate that she is literally on fire.

In this state, Blaze gains the traditional Super State effects of enhanced speed and defense. Blaze loses fewer rings per hit than normally, depending on the power of the hit. Blaze also gains the ability to fly and can use charged dashes similar to the ones Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Super Silver use. The difference is that the fire from these dashes is behind her, as opposed to in front of her. While this may seem trivial, this actually makes her vulnerable while using the dashes. Blaze is also able to generate and shoot fireballs.

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