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Captain Whisker is a robotic pirate and the main antagonist of Sonic Rush Adventure. Presumably created by Eggman Nega (the game never specifies his origin), Whisker and his band of pirates are out to cause havoc on the high seas of the Sol Dimension, and intend to use an ancient artifact called the Jeweled Scepter to raise grog-fuelled hell.

The Captain is never without his pair of shoulder-mounted parrotbots, Mini and Mum, who serve to remind him of facts which would otherwise slip by his notice entirely. He takes a special dislike of any characters who pull on his 'whiskers', as Marine finds out.

Sonic first encounters Whisker in the Jewelled Scepter's vault beneath Coral Cave, just as the Captain is in the process of stealing it. Most of the rest of the game follows Sonic, Tails, Marine, and Blaze in their pursuit of the pirate to try and recover the Scepter. To battle his opponents, Whisker commands the Ghost-series boss machines, like the Ghost Kraken and Ghost Pirate. The Captain is finally fought in the Pirates' Island boss, and (apparently) destroyed in the Ghost Titan explosion at Big Swell. Only after his death, in the Last Story, it is revealed he was working for the Eggmen.

Despite their bombast, Whisker and his band of pirates are not very intimidating, and are generally clownish and bumbling, always forgetting about Sonic and the others. But in battle, Whisker is an incredible force: he can breathe fire, manifest saws and use shockwave-inducing ground pounds.

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