Pirates' Island

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Pirates' Island
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Pirates' Island
Seventh level, Sonic Rush Adventure
Number of Acts: 3 (including boss stage)
Level theme: urban
Secondary level theme: ancient ruins
Played as: Sonic, Blaze
Boss: Captain Whisker and Johnny
Underwater areas: Yes
Non-English names:
  • JP: パイレーツアイランド Pairētsu Airando
Sky Babylon | Big Swell
An ancient underwater puzzle lock for the doors beneath Pirates' Island. Solved by rotating with the DS stylus.

Pirates' Island is the seventh stage of Sonic Rush Adventure. The pirates under the command of Captain Whisker have set up their hideout here, filling the archeologically-valuable ruins with weaponry of all kinds. Sonic or Blaze must traverse the rooftops and canals of an ancient city, while looking sharp for pirates, their traps, and trick-oriented gimmicks. Be aware that large sections of these levels are designed to punish the player who recklessly speeds about.


After finding all three stone markers, keys which can open the door blocking access to the pirates' hideout in some ancient ruins, Sonic, Blaze, and Tails decide to travel to the ruin's underwater entrance via the Deep Typhoon. Marine is eager to accompany the group, as usual, but this time Blaze orders that she stays behind due to her being a nuisance throughout their adventure. After the remaining trio make it to the underwater cave, the three keys are correctly aligned and at last the heroes enter into Pirates' Island.

After traversing the ruined city, the protagonists find Captain Whisker, who is given a rather bellicose introduction. Never one to waste time, Blaze demands that Whisker hand over the Jeweled Scepter. Captain Whisker instead challenges the heroes to combat, along with the newly-arrived Johnny. The boss battle begins.

Sonic or Blaze defeats the tag-team of Captain Whisker and Johnny . Johnny takes an opportunity to vamoose, leaving his quivering commander behind. Blaze reiterates her demand for Whisker to return to the Jeweled Scepter, but Whisker remains oddly reluctant, fearing an unspecified person's wrath if he fails to return with the treasure. Fortunately for Whisker, Mini and Mum return and convey an escape route to the befuddled old sea dog, which is quickly taken advantage of. Sonic and company can't follow him, but Marine (who Tails deduces must have trailed their group) is able to do so and gives the Captain chase.

Unsurprisingly, Marine has become a hostage by the time the group locates her and Captain Whiskers at Big Swell. Tails manages to distract Whiskers just long enough for Sonic and Blaze to recover Marine from the grasp of the Captain's giant battle robot. Although reunited, the protagonists' safety cannot be guaranteed until they deal with the towering metal menace before them.

Within the larger back-story of Sonic Rush Adventure, the continent containing the remains of Sky Babylon fell from the heavens to the ocean's surface, along with the long-lost civilization inhabiting the continent. Abandoning their former home, the civilization built a new one on the sea, which apparently is the city in which the Pirates' Island levels take place. According to Blaze, the same civilization left behind the three stone markers to point towards the heavens, conveying their hope to one day return to the sky.

Level-Exclusive Gimmicks

  • Trebuchets - As you approach these siege weapons, Sonic or Blaze will be launched towards the sky at an angle, usually towards a wall of breakable material. If the rock from the trebuchet fails to leave an opening for you, don't worry; your character will break through without a noticeable decrease in speed. You can perform tricks once you're in the air.
  • High-pressure water cannons - When you arrive at the ends of these, Sonic or Blaze will alternatively orient these cannons upwards at an angle and horizontally straight ahead. Press A once the cannon is oriented in the appropriate direction to release a stream of water that can be used as a rail (and destroys any enemies in the way). Be quick to travel along it, for the stream will soon cease. Also be sure not to release the stream into spikes.
  • Big anchors - Anchors will both assist you and hinder you. If you're caught underneath them when they fall, you'll be crushed and instantly lose one life. However, there are flat platforms on the bottom of anchors which can be used to travel to higher elevations as the anchor retracts. Anchors fall and retract at various speeds, and some only fall as the character approaches.
  • Fountains - These small rectangular-shaped fountains either remain stationary or move back and forth horizontally at a slow rate, generally near the water's surface. Hop onto them to be launched into the sky on a burst of water. They function in this way exactly like regular springs.
  • Dolphins - Dolphins lazily remain in place in the water. As soon as Sonic or Blaze grabs onto their tails, they'll automatically swim forward, carrying the player along with them. Control the dolphin using the d-pad; Up and Down will make the dolphin surface and dive, respectively, while Left and Right will cause the dolphin to swim slower and faster. Aim to navigate your dolphin through blue hoops. They'll accumulate stars which will refill your Tension Gauge. When you make it through a gold hoop (or miss it), your dolphin will release the character above the water's surface. You are free to do mid-air tricks at this time. If you want to get off your dolphin for whatever reason, press A or B.
  • Timed gates - If you manage to pass beneath these gates before the timer reaches a certain amount (indicated by the numbers above the gate), you'll be able to pass through and usually will be rewarded with a goodie. If you've lallygagged, an impenetrable column of water will flow from under the gate, making it necessary to find an alternative (and speed-sapping) route.


  • Red Hovering Robot - Rather bulky red pirate robots which hover over a small horizontal area and carry spiked bombs. They aren't hesitant to release their load, so spend minimal time beneath them.
  • Green Hovering Robot - Almost identical to their red cousins, but have green plating and are armed with guns in lieu of bombs. They'll shoot you with a projectile if you get too close.


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