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Not to be confused with Johnny Lightfoot, the Sonic the Comic character.

Johnny is a villainous (and speedy) robot from Sonic Rush Adventure, where he serves as the right-hand man of Captain Whisker in the Sol Dimension. This mechanical pirate was presumably created by Eggman Nega and/or Eggman, and Johnny resembles a cross between a shark and a torpedo. He first ran into Sonic as the hedgehog sailed with Tails and Marine off the west coast of Machine Labyrinth. Although the pirate wants to challenge Sonic to a race, Marine proves so annoying he challenges her instead - at which point the raccoon promptly nominates Sonic to compete in her stead.

'I am the sultan of speed, the unparalleled and unequaled Johnny! No-one can keep up with me. No-one!'

—Johnny during his first encounter with Sonic, en route to Coral Cave

Races against Johnny are the Special Stages of Rush Adventure: jet-ski competitions where Sonic hops on the Wave Cyclone. After the first contest en route to Coral Cave, Johnny can be found lying in wait at six other locations around the ocean map.

Johnny is finally fought for real alongside Captain Whisker during the boss battle at Pirates' Island, but he runs away, leaving the Captain to fight Big Swell on his own. As of the end of Sonic Rush Adventure, he is still at large somewhere in Blaze's world.

  • The character was voiced by Christopher Pelegrinni.

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