Knights of the Round Table

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Knights of the Round Table
First seen: Sonic and the Black Knight (2009)
Members: Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Percival, Sir Galahad, Sir Lamorak
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The Knights of the Round Table are the lieutenants of King Arthur in Sonic and the Black Knight. Much to Sonic's surprise, all of these knights are alternate reality doppelgängers of his companions from previous adventures.


Sonic and the Black Knight

Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, and Sir Percival are tasked by King Arthur to track down Sonic and Merlina during Sonic and the Black Knight's opening sequence. While Gawain and Percival express their misgivings, the Knights of the Round Table nonetheless obey, and pursue Sonic across the Grand Kingdom and beyond. Sir Lancelot is fought in Deep Woods; Sir Gawain upon Titanic Plain, and Sir Percival in Molten Mine.

Despite suffering humiliating defeats at the hands of Sonic and Caliburn, the Knights do not give up. While Sonic battles King Arthur on the island of Avalon, Lancelot, Gawain, and Percival manage to track down Merlina the Sorceress in Camelot Castle. The Blue Blur arrives just in time to see Merlina reveal herself as the true villain of Sonic and the Black Knight: the Dark Queen. As the castle falls apart around them, Sonic and the Knights flee through Knight's Passage. In order to save the Kingdom, the former lieutenants of King Arthur agree to work with Sonic and Nimue to halt the Dark Queen's magic by activating four sacred stones. Sir Lancelot rushes to Shrouded Forest, Sir Gawain to Great Megalith, Sir Percival to The Cauldron, and Sonic to Dragon's Lair.

Other game appearances

Sir Lancelot, Gawain, Percival and Galahad appeared as playable characters in Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.


Satbk shadow.png Sir Lancelot
Knight of the Lake - an alternate version of Shadow the Hedgehog
Satbk knuckles.png Sir Gawain
Knight of the Sun - an alternate version of Knuckles the Echidna
Satbk blaze.png Sir Percival
Knight of the Grail - an alternate version of Blaze the Cat
Satbk silver.png Sir Galahad
(does not appear in the game storyline; multiplayer only) - an alternate version of Silver the Hedgehog
Satbk jet.png Sir Lamorak
(does not appear in the game storyline; multiplayer only) - an alternate version of Jet the Hawk
SBK Arthur.jpg King Arthur
technically a Knight of the Round Table himself, as attested by Caliburn during the battle on Faraway Avalon
SatBK KeyArt Sonic.png Sonic the Hedgehog
"Knight of the Wind" - potentially, given the title bestowed upon him at the very end of the game

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (archie comics)