Dragon's Lair

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Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair
Twelfth level, Sonic and the Black Knight
Location: The Highlands
Level theme: underground/cave
Boss: Dragon Slayer
Non-English names:
  • JP: ドラゴンズ・レア
The Cauldron | Dark Hollow

Dragon's Lair is a stage in Sonic and the Black Knight for the Wii; one of the four levels after Knight's Passage that can be played as the Knights of the Round Table as well as Sonic. It can be played as either the ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth stage, although the cutscene numbering in the gallery indicates that this stage is the last of the four.

Adjacent to the watery caverns of Crystal Cave, the titular dragon makes its titular lair within crumbling, underground ruins. Massive caves give way to unstable bridges and what were once pillar-lined collonades. In addition to the fire-breathing monster that serves as an optional boss, smaller "thunder-dragons" flit through the dark spaces, weaving crackling trails that the heroes can sprint along. As always, the Knights of the Underworld are out in force.


After Nimue informs the knights that Merlina's dark spell might still be contained by activating four barrier stones, they rush off to create the magical seal. Although the player is free to take any of Sonic, Sir Gawain, Sir Percival, or Sir Lancelot to complete Dragon's Lair, from the subsequent cutscenes the level appears to canonically be the preserve of Sonic. Shrouded Forest, The Cauldron, and Great Megalith occur simultaneously for the other characters.

Once Sonic uses Caliburn to activate the Barrier Stone, Nimue realises to her horror that the enchantment isn't enough. In a last-ditch effort to stop Merlina, Sonic races back to the transformed Camelot to face the wizard himself.


  • Beat the Clock: Reach the goal before time runs out - 600 followers
  • Rampage: - Defeat 12 enemies - 100 followers
  • Ultimate Challenge: - Defeat enemies and take no damage - 400 followers
  • Chain of Rings: - Collect 100 Ring chains - 150 followers
  • Legacy: - Reach the goal - 200 followers
  • Collect Rings: Collect 100 Rings - 200 followers
  • Special Challenge: Dragon Slayer - 250 followers
  • Total Rampage: Defeat as many enemies as possible - 400 followers

Oddly, the dragon itself makes no appearence during the course of Sonic and the Black Knight's main storyline. It can, however, be battled in the "Dragon Slayer" special challenge. Sonic sometimes makes a reference to Sonic Adventure 2's Finalhazard during the level, mentioning that the last time he fought a giant lizard, it was with Shadow.

Items which can be acquired in Dragon's Lair missions include:

Rusty Helmet, Bronze Helmet, Cursed Helmet, Bronze Axe, Burnt Bread, Gold Ingot, Violet, Dragon Fang, Peridot, Turquoise, Sapphire, Quasi-Magic Stone, Poison Ring, Herb


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