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The first pieces of Material acquired from Whale Point.

Material is the somewhat overly-generic term to describe Sol Dimension substances useful in naval architecture, as collected in Sonic Rush Adventure. Tails picks up a book from Marine the Raccoon at the start of the game, which describes how to combine "metals and jewels" together to make boats. Over the course of the game, Tails uses Material to construct four principal watercraft, as well as other frighteningly complicated machines like the Magma Hurricane.

Material comes in various forms:

  • Blue Material: Sapphire-like crystals; found in Whale Point
  • Iron Material: Hearty chunks of grey metal; found in Whale Point
  • Green Material: Verdigris rocks with spiral patterns; found in Plant Kingdom
  • Bronze Material: Rusty hexagonal artifacts; found in Machine Labyrinth
  • Red Material: Spiked shards of crystalline coral; found in Coral Cave
  • Silver Material: Electrically charged, shield-shaped ingots; found in Haunted Ship
  • Aqua Material: Chunks of cyan ice; found in Blizzard Peaks
  • Gold Material: Precious metal from the floating city; found in Sky Babylon
  • Black Material: Spherical metallic cannonballs; found in Pirates' Island

The player receives a certain amount of Material after completing a large island act (excluding Whale Point), based upon the rank the player receives.

  • "C" Rank - 1 Material
  • "B" Rank - 2 Material
  • "A" Rank - 3 Material
  • "S" Rank - 4 Material

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