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A bird Avatar wielding a Drill Wispon.

Wispons (ウィスポン Wisupon) are weapons that are wielded by the Resistance's soldiers in Sonic Forces. These weapons are designed to harness the Wisps' Hyper-Go-On energy to channel the properties of their Color Powers without inducing transformations on the user.


In gameplay, Wispons are used by the Avatar as a means of attacking and movement. Each Wispon has two functions:

  • Basic attackMedia:SF STEAM MANUAL EN LRv5.pdf[1]: A basic long-ranged attack that can take out multiple foes at once, performed by pressing R2 (PS4)/Right Trigger (XB1)/ZR (Switch). The nature of the attack depends on the variety of the chosen Wispon.
  • Special actionMedia:SF STEAM MANUAL EN LRv5.pdf[1]: A special limited-use ability reminiscent of a Color Power that gives the player special movement capabilities such as multiple mid-air jumps. To be able to use a special action, the player must obtain a Wisp that matches their Wispon (like a Red Wisp for the Burst Wispon); obtaining any other Wisp will have no effect. Once the corresponding Wisp has been obtained, the player can then press Triangle (PS4)/Y (XB1)/X (Switch) to activate their special action. The player can use the special action as much as they like until the Wisp Gauge fully depletes.

Besides its primary functions, Wispons can also come with different sets of skills that are automatically activated when the Wispon is wielded by the Avatar. The Wispon the Avatar possesses is displayed on the HUD in the lower left corner of the screen along with any active skills attached to it.

The player starts out with a skill-less Burst Wispon at the beginning of the game, but by defeating bosses, one can unlock new, though skill-less types of Wispons, along with Challenge Missions that can reward the player with stronger Wispons when cleared. Each of the seven varieties of Wispon comes in nine different models, each one with its own unique set of skills, adding up to a total of 63 Wispons in the game.

List of Wispons

Name Image Wisp Basic Attack Special Action
Burst Wispon SonicForces BurstWispon.png Red A fast flamethrower attack with great reach. Hold the button for continuous fire. Allows the Avatar to perform as many explosive jumps in the air as they like until the gauge empties out.
Lightning Wispon SonicForces LightningWispon.png Ivory A lightning whip. Allows the Avatar to travel along a trail of rings at lightning-fast speeds, reminiscent of the Light Dash.
Cube Wispon SonicForces CubeWispon.png Blue Turns enemies into cubes, which can be smashed for rings. Allows the Avatar to make a foothold out of cubes, even in mid-air.
Asteroid Wispon SonicForces AsteroidWispon.png Indigo An attack that locks onto enemies (up to 6 at once). Makes the Avatar invincibile, attracting nearby items and allowing them to float in mid-air.
Drill Wispon SonicForces DrillWispon.png Yellow A drilling attack that charges forward at blazing speed. The attack has three levels of charge depending on how many times the player presses the attack button. Allows the Avatar to dig through the ground. They can also use this action to climb walls.
Hover Wispon SonicForces HoverWispon.png Green Blows away enemies with a shockwave. Lets the Avatar float upwards and saves them from falling down bottomless pits.
Void Wispon SonicForces VoidWispon.png Violet Shoots black holes that swallow up enemies and rings. Allows the Avatar to instantly warp to the furthest extreme (the nearest wall) in the direction that the left stick is held.

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW comics)

Following directly after the events of Sonic Forces, IDW Publishing's Sonic the Hedgehog comic series features Wispons as weapons wielded by the general public for defense against the remaining Badniks. Just before the war ended, two mercenaries known as Rough and Tumble took over Barricade Town and took control of its Wispon distribution center. When Sonic and Knuckles arrived to stop them, the two thugs armed themselves with Wispons in an attempt to turn the tide of the fight. Unfortunately for them, Sonic convinced the Wisps to turn on them, leaving Rough and Tumble's Wispons useless and helping the heroes stop them. One notable Wispon user in the series is Whisper the Wolf, who uses a special type of Wispon known as a Variable Wispon.[2] Lanolin the Sheep also possesses a unique bell-shaped Wispon.[3]


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