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Chaos DrivesMedia:SonicAdventure2 DC US manual.pdf[1] (カオスドライブ)Media:SonicAdventure2 DC JP manual.pdf[2] are small capsule-like objects with a coloured shard inside found in Sonic Adventure 2. They act as a power source to G.U.N. robots and are dropped when they're destroyed. Once collected, they can be used for raising Chao, adding to one of their stats. Additionally, for Tails and Eggman, a Chaos Drive will recover the same health as one ring does.

The Chaos Drives were initially designed by Professor Gerald as a means of transferring energy to living tissue, part of his work on Project Shadow.

Colour Category Stat
Chaosdrivegreen.png Green Running +24
Chaosdrivepurple.png Purple Flying +24
Chaosdrivered.png Red Power +24
Chaosdriveyellow.png Yellow Swimming +24


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