Spikes (obstacle)

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Spikes are sharp, pointy white obstacles common in many Sonic games. The points cause damage to the player when touched. Spikes cannot be destroyed.

In Sonic 3's Marble Garden Zone, there is an enemy that looks like a set of spikes, but acts as a spring and rises slightly out of the ground to shoot projectiles when the player approaches it.

Technical Information

Game Object ID # Code offset Mappings offset Subparameters
Sonic the Hedgehog 36 $CE28 $CFF4
  • $00 - Three standard spikes
  • $01 - Three moving spikes
  • $10 - Three spikes facing left
  • $12 - Three moving spikes facing left
  • $20 - One spike
  • $30 - Three widely spaced spikes
  • $40 - Six widely spaced spikes
  • $50 - One spike facing left
  • $52 - One moving spike facing left
Sonic 2 36 $15900 $15B68 The first nybble can be set in the range $0-$3 and sets the spike style. The second nybble is a flag - if set, the spikes shift up and down, if clear, the spikes are static.