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Game: Sonic Lost World
Level: Lava Mountain
Not to be confused with the Eggrobo badniks.

The Eggrobo is Dr. Eggman's final machine in Sonic Lost World, designed similarly to the Death Egg Robot. Charged up from the life energy of Sonic's world that Eggman and the Zeti plundered from the Lost Hex using the Extractor, Sonic pursues this giant machine through the burning canyons of Lava Mountain in a battle similar to the Nega-Wisp Armor from Sonic Colors.

The Eggrobo does not have an official name. The mech's model is named "boss8_obj_eggrobo" in the final level's files.


The Eggrobo adopts four different conformations during this boss fight, only the last of which gives Sonic any means to damage it:

  • Palm Blaster: The floating hands of the Eggrobo fire out streams of green energy bullets. Sonic must stay in between the two streams. Once Eggman has been hit a couple of times, these streams become wavy rather than straight.
  • Palm Beam: Scrolling laser beams fire out from the mech, and strafe across Sonic's highway. These must be jumped over with the spin attack. Again, the pattern changes up once the Eggrobo has been damaged: the lasers strafe much faster.
  • Palm Crush: The levitating hands fly parallel to Sonic and try to squash him. Again, spin attack above the hands' grasp to dodge.
  • Shin Opening: Having dodged the previous three attacks, Sonic is close enough to launch a homing attack on the mecha's leg. This will lead the Eggrobo's arm to drag along the highway, allowing for another series of homing attacks, finally on Eggman's cockpit. When the Eggrobo tumbles afterwards, Sonic can unleash a charged Homing Attack to deal a lot of damage and end the fight sooner.

Super Sonic cannot be used for this fight.

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